93% match :)

This week, I am having my financial literacy classes take an online career survey.
 I decided that I would take it myself, so I could explain the directions well.
I smiled so big when I saw my 93% career match:

Ha! I guess I really am in the right career field!
No wonder why I love my job so much.
I didn't even try to skew the results in this favor
(the questions were pretty hard to skew though).

The path that took me to become a teacher was kind of a weird one.
One that was 100% influenced by divine being.
Because...I'll tell you this: I did NOT want to be a teacher.
It was not the career I ever dreamed of.
I grew up my whole life wanting to be in the medical field.
I graduated as valedictorian of my high school class, got scholarships to college, and even started college during the summer so I could get a jumpstart on my medicine degree.
But as my college career started, I kept having the distinct feeling that I needed to change my major.
 I battled back with the thoughts: why would I change? I loved my major!
The feeling kept coming. Every day.
I was so conflicted with these impressions, that I finally knelt down in prayer and asked what I should do.
The next day, I changed my Chemistry major to History Teaching.
A complete 180.
But I trusted the Lord.
And man! He really does know me.
Guess I'm supposed to be with these chillens afterall. ;)

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