Proud of my man.

Last night, one of Taylor's clients invited us to dinner up in Salt Lake.
Taylor has been up there all week doing work stuff, so it was fun to join him for an evening.
And it was SO fun to see Taylor at work.
He is so good at what he does!
And my, oh my, that guy is a superstar up there.
Everyone knows him, loves him, and they practically line up to talk to him to get his advice.
I made fun of him all night for it.
I wasn't sure if I was important enough to talk to him because he was so "famous" ;)

I joked with the guy sitting at our table that he just had a date with a married woman--people kept calling taylor over to their table, so for the majority of the dinner, it was just us two at the table.
But I did get to sneak some pictures of Taylor at work. ;)

just giving a little speech...no big deal.

Even though I didn't get to talk to Taylor much, I got over that real fast when this thing came around:

oh, hey, tay.
Thanks for joining me.
(don't worry, he was back up 15 seconds later)

I am seriously SO proud of this guy.
I am so proud that he was brave enough to leave a sure job to try out something new.
I am so proud that he works so hard to make his business a success.
I am so proud that it IS a success!
I am so proud of how much everyone loves him and brags about him.
I am so proud of his people skills.
I am so proud of HIM.

hoorah hoorah for tayraygil!

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