a little halloween party

On Saturday night, Tay and I hosted a super fun halloween party!
Mostly, it was an excuse for us to dress up and for me to have fun planning a party!
A couple of years ago on Halloween, my super-crafty-super-party-planner-sister, Marci, planned the best Halloween party. We played "The Mole" (did you ever watch that tv show?).
So, I decided to recreate it.
It's hard to explain--but basically one person is secretly chosen to sabotage the group's effort to get "money in the pot."
Instead of money, we used giftcards.
What really matters is that the two winners go home with a jackpot of giftcards--who doesn't love that!?
Thanks to Marci's help (and Taylor's patience), I'm calling it a success!
I think everyone had a lot of fun!

 I had SO much fun putting these costumes together:
just a fireman and his dalmatian.
(p.s. taylor, my homie, where are your eyes? hahah)

Oh, and the best part?
I even got a dog tag made with my name on it ;)

 I kind of failed at taking pictures.
Some of these are bad iphone pictures--but you'll get the gist.

I asked everyone to bring a treat--and man! 
thanks to the girlies, there were some adorable festive treats!
(once again--picture fail on my part, I didn't get some of them pictured)

And here are some of our cute friends and their creative costumes
(still hitting myself for not getting everyone--or even a group picture!)

the few "party fun" pictures I actually have!

Thanks to everyone who came!
We had such a fun time celebrating the season.
I'm ready to plan another party...who's in!? ha.


  1. Ahh so sad I missed it! Wish we lived closer! BTW is that a baby being held in the last picture?! I'm the most sad you didn't get a picture of the baby. I'm obviously kind of obsessed with babies right now.

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