Park City getaway

We ran away to Park City this weekend to continue our anniversary celebration!
I made a little video of our quick getaway (featured at the end of this post).
Here are things you should know before watching our little film.

1. Last year, on our one year anniversary, we went to Park City as well.  It was a stressful time of the year--Taylor had just finished midterms and I was still coming home from my first year of teaching crying every day and ready to quit my job. (p.s. so grateful that tay made me stick it out! but dear first year: I never EVER want to meet you again).  We had all of these fun plans of things to do while we were there, but somehow, we ended up laying in bed ALL weekend watching The Office. We didn't do any of the things we planned to do--and it was the BEST weekend ever! So this year, we decided to do the same thing!

2. Per tradition, we stocked up on junk food from a local grocery store before caving ourselves in our hotel room for the rest of the weekend.

3. We only ever eat about 10% of all of the food we get.

4. Our stomachs hurt the whole next day--but it was SO worth it.

5. Last year, we watched The Office.  This year? Harry Potter movies.  I am in the middle of rereading the series, and have never seen all of the movies.  Taylor agreed to watch the whole series with me this weekend! We felt like we were reliving our childhoods. It was awesome.

6. I forgot to bring the adaptor to connect our laptop to the hotel tv.  We drove all over town, and finally found an adaptor for $40. ugh. but it was well-worth it!

7. I fall asleep five minutes into all movies.  But I was determined to stay awake.  Taylor made me drink a rockstar all night long.  Which I think he may have regretted in the end? I've only had maybe two sips of an energy drink in my entire life. man, those things are nasty!

8. We act like little kids when we're in hotel rooms. But I'm blaming it on the rockstars.

9. Last year, I saw these cute little scarecrows along a walking path.  I asked Tay if we could stop and see them, and he grudgingly agreed.  But then we couldn't find parking, so I gave up my scarecrow dream and waved goodbye to the unseen scarecrows. I had completely forgotten about those little scarecrows until I saw them again this year! Taylor let out the biggest groan when I asked if we could go again.  I guess he doesn't understand why a 22 year old would want to go see scarecrows? Uh--hello. Every 22-year-old-girl's dream. duh.

10. After I gave Taylor my best puppy-dog face, he agreed to see the scarecrows.  Taylor just started getting interested in our little scarecrow adventure, when my two-year-old bladder screamed at me that it was going to burst (seriously, I have the smallest bladder ever.  A lot of women would probably choose to make two specific body parts bigger. Me? I just choose one. MY BLADDER). I told Taylor that we had to turn back and go to the nearest restroom we could find.  Poor Taylor--I took him away, just when he started to enjoy it. haha

this one killed us...pumpkins as boobs? haha!

11.  Of course, the first bathroom we find looked like this:
I cried.

12. We went to the Park City olympic park and got to watch some awesome jumps!

13. A couple of weeks ago, Taylor asked me if I wanted a shopping spree in Park City or a surprise gift for our anniversary.  I said "shopping spree" so fast, that I think I might have offended him. haha
So we ended our adventure shopping at the best outlets in the world. And....maybe I went a little overboard? But I lovelovelove all of my new fall clothes!

14. Man alive, this place is beautiful this time of year.

15. I am so grateful for memories.  What a wonderful weekend it was!

and here is our little film:

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