a laundry story.

It's been awhile.
I have been so busy with the following:
-the primary program is in just a couple of weeks...ah!
on top of being a new primary president and trying to get everything in order, the program has put me on the top of the "overwhelmed chart."

-we are having a halloween party this weekend, and I have been running from place to place to get everything put together

-due to our party, our costumes need to be ready a little early this year! ohhh, I'm so excited! I've been a little busy bee making everything perfect for the costumes.

-end of quarter=madhouse. seriously.
hey students--here's a novel idea: check your grade and your missing assignments earlier than two days before the quarter ends. I know, I know, I'm brilliant.

How about a laundry story?
I've got a good one.
hate laundry.
I'm always behind.
this is pretty much my stance on laundry:
sort? tomorrow.
wash? later.
fold? next week.
iron? NEVER.

Well, it just so happens that our washing machine is out of business.
aka its giving us an error code and we need to get someone to come fix it.
(well...taylor tried fixing it. and we thought it was a success. but turns out it's not. It took him like three hours to try to "fix it" the first time, so we've decided to just hire someone to look at it).
So on Monday night, we spent the night at the laundromat.
And for some reason, I giggled the whole way through.
Taylor and I have never been to laundromat together, and the prospect was just so fun.
AND we got ALL of our laundry done in just two hours!

I think Taylor wins the award for "smartest person ever"
I always complain about folding socks and the normal woe of ALWAYS ending up a sock short!
 Taylor finally came up with a solution.
He bought two small mesh laundry bags.
He hung them over our laundry baskets, and when he takes off his dirty socks, he just sticks them in the little mesh bag.
There is one bag for dress socks and one back for regular socks.
I just stick the whole mesh bag into the washer--and the socks never go missing!
PLUS, so easy to just match them together now.
I think I'm especially going to do this when we have all our little kiddies.
Just a different color mesh bag for each kid!
brilliant, right!? right.

We've got a busy weekend ahead of us--but we are so excited!
And I'm especially excited to dress my cute man up.
He's such a good sport!

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