how we lost the naming rights of our first born child.

A couple of weekends ago, Taylor and I had our siblings over to our house for dinner.
(ryan, rachel, jamie, and seth)
Seth and I started playing "paper football."
You know...when you fold up a piece of paper into a triangle and flick it into an "L-shaped" goal made by the other persons hands.
We've all played it before, right?
Anyways, as we were playing, Seth decided to make it interesting. 
He put his fingers at the oddest angle and told me that if I could score, I could have ANYTHING of his I wanted. Anything--his new car, his macbook, his ipad...it was all up for grabs.
Of course I agreed.
And of course, I completely missed. ha.
So I offered him the same deal.
I held my hands at the same awkward angle.
He flicked the little triangle, and by the grace of God, it arched perfectly, turned to the left, and sailed smoothly into the goal.
I think everyone's expressions were pretty priceless.
I fell to the floor in a loud "noooooooo"
Taylor had a pure "oh shiz" expression smeared across his face.
Seth yelled and knocked over his chair, and then started walking around our house deciding what he wanted to take.
I offered him lots of "cool" things: a stapler, a toy panda, a snowglobe, a picture of me and Taylor. ha.

And then he stopped and said, "Wait. I know exactly what I want."
His confidence and sly smile scared me.
"I want the middle name of your first born child."
Taylor looked at me with a "I can't believe you agreed to this" look.
I slumped my head down, admitted my defeat, and told him, "Alright, fine! But be nice!"

And that is how we lost the naming rights of our first born child.
I think I win "stupidest-future-parent" award.
Oh, and you better believe we will live up to this.

So far, Seth has told us all of his amazing ideas.
Spoc, Crabbe&Goyle, Myparentslostabet, Myunclerocks
Awesome, right?
At least he was nice enough not to take the first name.
But I think he knows I would have killed him--Taylor and I have had our kids names picked out since marriage.  

Hey, at least when the dreaded question "what is one interesting thing about yourself?" comes up, our future little will be set for life.

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