tuesday tangents

#1. got my school pictures today. haha it always makes me feel so nostalgic to get these.
it also made me nostalgic for summer. 
missing a tan.

#2. Taylor seriously has the WORST luck with cars.
we just bought him a brand new car, because we've been having so many problems with his poor little truck. He has been SUCH a good sport about not having a working car the past couple of months.
Of course, he walks out to find this last night:
 Can you believe it!?
He's had this brand new car (which means brand new tires) for less than three weeks!
there was a huge wood chunk stuck in the tire.
good going, tay. ;)

#3. Love being able to facetime with this cutie.
I can't wait to see him in just three weeks!

#4. I also like facetiming with this ugly. 
haha just kidding, M.
We have "ugly face contests" all of the time on facetime.
It's usually a pretty close tie.

#5. I seriously have the best mom-in-law ever. 
The other day, she texted me to tell me to come over after work where a glass of cold milk and warm chocolate cookies would be waiting for me. Perfect on a brisk fall afternoon. Is that the best news or what?

#6. Watching Taylor and his brother together always makes my heart smile.
They play video games while I watch movies on my laptop. 
best life, I tell ya.

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