Another post about love?

Okay, I know this has been a really lovey-dovey week here on the gilbert blog
(wait...which week isn't, right?)
But with it being our anniversary week, I'm just on a love over-load.
is that even possible? ha.

But here's just another reason why this guy is a gem:
My mom just texted me to tell me that Taylor sent her flowers!
Okay--this guy needs a golden star.
a little utah boy sending flowers to his cute californian mother-in-law.
it's adorbs, guys.
I didn't even know he did that! He is the most thoughtful man ever.
This isn't the first time I've found out that he's done something like this.
I love that he is so selfless about his service.
He never boasts or brags; but just simply does.
(okay--I guess I'm boasting about it...but that's different, right?)
I am so grateful to be with this man as we escape the world this weekend on our little getaway.
geesh, he still gives me butterflies.

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