Pondering about the Woodland Family...

Last week, my sister and her family moved to Kansas.  We have loved living so close to the Woodland family, and we already miss them dearly!  After lots of cleaning, packing, and tearful goodbyes, they started off on their drive to the mid-west.  Boy, do we miss them!  Especially their littles, Emma and Max.  I will especially miss the times when Emma asked if she could spend the night with Aunt Kelli and Uncle Taylor.  I will miss being a part of their young lives. Thank goodness for Facetime, right?

As I was helping Laurin clean her home before they moved, I was reminded of the many evenings I spent at her home as a young college student.  When I was homesick, in need of a home-cooked meal, had a rough day, or just in need of some sister-time, Laurin was always quick to invite me over (always with a never-ending offer to do my laundry at her home...free laundry!).  I spent many nights playing with E&M, sleeping on the Woodland couch, and feeling once again refreshed to conquer the college life.  While pondering over these memories, I was overwhelmed with her hospitality and love she shared with me, her little sister.  I sure have some of the greatest sisters. :)

Taylor and I had the opportunity to watch  Emma and Max about a week before they moved.  We had so much fun!  We took them to an elementary school play, Willy Wonka, that some children from our ward were in (p.s. everyone did such a magnificent job in the play!).  Emma and Max loved it.  Then we got to play with them before they fell asleep for the night.

Here are some pictures (and a video!) of our fun night:

E&M came up with a fun game with Uncle Tay (see video) :)

(Laurin...I promise we didn't drug Max)

(Listen carefully to Max telling Taylor, "Hit me!")

We miss you, Woodlands!  We pray for your happiness in Kansas! 

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