Life lately...

There was a good three weeks between April and May that I didn't blog.  Whoops :/  Even though Taylor constantly pestered me to blog, I never had the chance to get around to it.  So here's a quick update of what was missed:

Marci and Tom threw an awesome party a couple of weekends ago.  We played a game where each couple was given an egg and we wrapped the eggs with newspaper, tissue paper, tape, etc., in order to try to cushion it from a fall off of the balcony.  The team whose egg stayed intact won!  Mine and Taylor's egg and Ryan and Rachel's egg survived!  The four of us did an egg toss contest to determine a winner.  And the winner was...

Throwing the eggs off of the balcony!

Our baby egg lives!

We win!!!!
The next game was pretty funny too.  One spouse was blindfolded, while the rest of the crew positioned the other spouse into an odd position.  The spouse who was blindfolded had to feel their lover and try to position themselves in the same way.  Here was our attempt:

Not too shabby, right? Fun game!

Taylor and I hosted a dinner for all of the siblings (plus Camden & Etta--good friends to all) a few Sundays ago.  It partly served as a goodbye party for the Woodlands, who moved to Kansas.  Taylor was the cook of the night (and the food was so yummy), and I was in charge of the dessert (thank you, Costco chocolate cake).  ;)  So many laughs and good times around.

Too cute for words.

The Utah sibs

Oh, and we can't forget about my 21st birthday, can we?
I was actually feeling a little under the weather, so we had a last-minute relaxing evening (dinner and games) with the siblings.
It was awesome, special, and perfect! 'Nuff said.

 At the end of the night we facetimed with the rest of the fam in CA.

Hi Mama!

Me and my love on my special day :)
Well, there's a little bit about our life lately.  Now that we're caught up, how about those daily posts again, eh?  ;)

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