The trick is to enjoy life.

One of the many reasons I love Taylor Ray is because he always keeps me laughing.  He knows exactly how to break me into a smile if I'm frustrated, having a bad day, or just in need of some good laughter.

Here's one memory I'll never forget: About a month after we were married, I was preparing a history lesson to teach to a high school class the following day.  I was quickly frustrated with my lack of creative ideas for the lesson.  It was getting late, and the stress of preparing this lesson was becoming overwhelming.  My eyes began to well over with tears as I continued to attempt to conquer this temporary beast.  Against my pleas of refusal, Taylor lifted me off of the couch, grabbed my arms with his hands, and forced me to perform the macarena.  Before I knew it, my tears had turned into tears of laughter.  I could hardly control myself...the scene was so ridiculous!  At the end of a few rounds of macarena and extreme laughing hysterics, I was pumped and ready to tackle the lesson.  Taylor's creative and funny mind allowed my own creative juices to flow to successfully prepare a decent lesson! Thank goodness for this silly boy in time of need :)

Or how about the time he did this?
I turned around to find this face staring at me.  It's safe to say there was milk spewed all over the ground after seeing this face.
Or maybe the times I start to "nag" or "lecture" a bit only to find that I had no idea what I was even annoyed about because Taylor has successfully imitated my sassy attitude--which usually leads to a playful shove escalated into a tickle fight (and there is no debate...Taylor always comes out the winner).  I think I'm starting to catch on to his sneaky ways: "when the wife is peeved, just make her laugh, and you skip out on the lecture altogether!" I'm on to you, Tay Ray...

Or how about last night?  After an intense ultimate frisbee game at mutual, Taylor and I decided to take a quick swim (it felt GREAT, by the way!).  With me on his back, Taylor started to imitate a whale (I have no clue where he gets these ideas).  I could hardly control my laughter! He is such an animated individual--with bizarre ideas to match!  This earned him the nickname Shamu...which quickly evolved to Shamy, for some odd reason.  For the rest of the night, my dear little Shamy had me laughing hysterically.  At one point, I even started to choke on pool water from laughing so hard.  Oh, Shamy. ;)

I am grateful for a husband who makes me laugh, who knows when I need a laugh, and who knows exactly how to make me laugh.  And I am grateful that I will get to laugh with him for eternity.  Click here to learn more about marriages made in heaven.
As Marjorie Hinckley said: “The only way to get through life is to laugh your way through it. You either have to laugh or cry. I prefer to laugh. Crying gives me a headache.”   I'm with you, Marjorie.  I prefer to laugh.

And this boy?  He makes me laugh.

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