No complaints

I was a little spoiled yesterday.  And here's why:

1. After we both got off of work, my wonderful husband cooked a delicious dinner for the two of us.  He declined my offer to help, and so I sat on the couch and watched Netflix, while the yummy aroma of chicken and mashed potatoes tickled my nose. :)  The dinner was YUM.  Thanks, babe!

2. After dinner, Mr. T went to pick up a RedBox movie for us to watch.  We watched the first hour of "We Bought a Zoo," before I got too tired to finish.  But I got to cuddle up to my husband and watch a funny movie on a Tuesday night.  I was a little giddy about that :)

3. The first swim of the summer!  Taylor even taught me how to "correctly" dive off of a diving board. ;)  I felt like a six year old when he cheered at my success of jumping off of a diving board all by myself.  It's a little bit of a long story, but funny all the same. :)  Then the two of us got to lay out by the pool in the late afternoon sun.

Spoiled on a Tuesday?  I'll take it.

Recent purple pedicures with Mama G, warm weather right around the corner, and a heated pool right at my fingertips (or toes in this picture!)...I'm ready for summer!

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