Nice to meet you, Seth!

Seth is home!  It was such a great reunion for the Gilbert family.  And such a sweet moment!  We have been having so much fun with the family!  It was my first time meeting Seth...and I already know we'll be buds!  Favorite Gilbert brother-in-law? I think Seth is the winner. ;) He is a gem...and is already keeping us laughing!  Taylor and Seth are finally back together after FOUR years of being apart (their missions overlapped) and watching them together just makes my heart happy :). Here are a few pictures to share (and a tender video of the reunion!).

Our signs!

The back of our signs. Can you figure out what mine means?  Regan's sign cracks me up.

Father and son :)

Mama and Papa G are so happy!!

The boys!

The Gilbert family is FINALLY all together again!!

I love this family!!

After picking Seth up from the airport, we stopped at Jason's Deli for lunch!

There were a lot of missionaries coming home at the same time as Seth.  The Salt Lake Airport was packed with friends and family anxiously waiting to see their beloved missionaries.  It was so sweet, the whole crowd cheered so loud for EVERY elder...whether it was their elder or not.  Watch for Mama G running to hug Seth...and of course, my favorite part: Regan's jump into Seth's arms!

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