He's crafty!

Mr. Taylor Ray is always surprising me with his clever and crafty ideas.  A couple of days ago, Taylor had an idea to try transferring a printed image to canvas (this wasn't his own idea, by any means.  I believe he found the idea online).  His first attempt was a complete success! I was so shocked with how well it turned out! Taylor went for a more vintage look, and I think it looks stellar.  I am excited to hang it (and more to come!) in our house! Here are a few pictures of the first attempt:

Pretty impressive, eh?

Here's another example of Taylor's craftiness.  About a month after we were married, I came home to find this (pictures and all!) hanging on the wall next to our front door.   

Cute, right?

Taylor is always coming up with new and exciting ideas.  Whether it's building a complex shoe cubby or as simple as leaving a flower on my pillow, he's constantly finding ways to put a smile on my face.  Thank goodness his creative ideas make up for my lack of artsy genes! ;)  My husband is a keeper.

This weekend will be filled with lots of family time + memorial day! Couldn't be more excited!  Enjoy your weekend!

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