And the job hunt is over!

On Monday, I accepted a teaching job!  I am so excited! I never thought I would teach in a charter school, but I am actually way pumped about it.  There are so many pros that I am loving more and more every minute!  I have been so impressed with the students and staff at the school I chose and I can't wait to join the team!  I AM GOING TO BE A REAL TEACHER in just a few short months!!  Crazy, right!? In fact, the principal of the school even wanted me to start today because one of their current history teachers just left for maternity leave.  While I would have LOVED to be familiar with the school and staff before I officially start, it didn't end up working out (mostly because I was just promoted at doTERRA to a position that requires full-time hours and I still need a job for the rest of the summer ;)).  But, I felt so honored.

Can I brag for just a minute?  When I declined a teaching offer from another school, the principal of this particular school emailed me and wanted to negotiate the salary in order for me to accept the position.  She told me I was their number one candidate and they really wished I would join their team for next year.  Flattering, right?

But everything about this particular school still felt right to me.  And I am so excited for what's in store!

Can life be any better?  A full-time teaching job in my pocket, summer evenings with my handsome husband, ((a brand new macbook pro)), and many good times with friends, neighbors, and family.  I love this life.

I feel like this picture accurately expresses my feelings right now.  Hand in hand, him and I can conquer anything. :)


  1. What a wonderful feeling!! You deserve all the happiness that you feel right Now!!!! I wish you a great summer with your wonderful husband and a great year at the school that you chose. This are the wounderful blessing that Heavenly Father has in store for us when we do the right things!!! There are many more to come.

  2. Kelli, we met your charming brother in law Seth at the doTerra convention and we do not have his contact information - can you please help us?

  3. you can send it to me at goodkarmahealing@gmail.com - thank you so much!