The grand and the simple are equally wonderful.

Yesterday was a simple day.  Yet, it was a happy day.  Our good friend (and matchmaker!), Jordan Mckee, joined us for dinner last night.  I tried a new recipe: glazed lemon chicken over pasta.  I wasn't a huge fan, but Taylor gobbled it down and loved it (he even ate my serving!).  I think he was sad that I probably won't make it too often, since I didn't love it myself.  ;)

Our dessert plan for the night was dessert crepes.  BUT, we had a little bit of a crepe debacle.  They just weren't working for us last night.  Taylor was able to successfully make two crepes.  So he ate one of them.  The other one he offered to me...but then, it wasn't really an offer after all.  Instead, it ended up here:
Yep, right in my face.  Thanks, TayRay.
Tay and Jordo enjoyed some computer games together, while "We Bought a Zoo" played in the background.  Taylor and I really enjoyed that movie!  If you haven't seen it yet, I recommend it!  

My night was simple.  And yet, it was wonderfully happy.  Thank goodness for the grand, the simple, and the in between.

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