BYU Graduate!

This is a little late....but, it's official, folks!  I am now a graduate of Brigham Young University!  I am proud to say I completed my degree in less than 3 years!  It is such an awesome feeling to be finished.  I cannot believe how fast time has flown.  I thought I'd never reach the day when I was a COLLEGE graduate!  And now, here I am!  I just received my teaching certificate, and it feels more real than ever!

My family came down for my graduation, and we had such a grand time. Here are a few pictures to prove that I'm a BYU graduate!

With my handsome, supportive husband!
The beautiful flowers my handsome husband gave to me :)
My beautiful niece, Emma.

We did it!

Now, we look forward to the day that Taylor gets to wear these robes. Hoorah for BYU! Such an awesome school.

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