five reasons why this week has rocked

maybe one of these days, I'll be a blogger who only posts pictures that are high-quality-with-the-perfect-background-blur.
But for now, my dslr sits in its camera bag in the bedroom while my iphone satisfies the picture needs of my lazy self.
(because who doesn't judge a blog by the quality of the pictures?)
aaaand, I'm resorting to another list-post.

 #1. I accidentally made soup for 20 people the other night.
How does that happen, you ask?
Wellll--I obviously didn't read the recipe very well.
About 15 minutes into making the soup and putting ingredients together, I noticed that the soup called for 80oz of chicken broth.
That's when I stopped and said, "wait. what?"
that's almost 7 cans, folks! haha
then i saw: "this recipe will feed 16-20 people. half it for smaller crowds"
annnnd--we had a pretty small crowd: just me and tay.
by this point, I already had the first half of ingredients in the pot, so I figured I might as well just keep going.
I became the soup lady that night as I dropped soup off to my sister and her roommates and my brother and his wife. haha
 and guess what I've had for lunch every day this week?
you gotsss it.
leftover soup.

#2. Taylor has had this weird itch to start jump-roping.
I kinda thought he was kidding until he came home with one the other night.
I couldn't stop laughing as he jump-roped through the house.
Then I picked up the jump-rope to try.
Taylor said, "uh, kel, are you sure you're good enough to do it in the house?"
"Tay, I was a jump rope master in elementary school. I won every time. If you're good enough, then trust me, I'm good enough."
On my first jump, the jump-rope hit my macbook pro and ripped the "F" off of my keyboard.
hate when that boy is right. ha

#3. can you believe I haven't owned one of these until yesterday?
 I'm too cheap to own an armband. 
I just stick my iphone in my shorts, smashed against my hip, while I run.
Taylor came home with one of these beauties for me the other day.
what a cuuuute guy--thinking about me as he's at target buying his jump-rope ;)
I feel very professh running around with that thing on.
also, please notice my cracked nail polish.
taylor's LEAST favorite thing in the world.

#4. last night I sat on the couch and watched netflix while I half-stared at my messy kitchen.
dinner dishes still out.
cluttered counters from the day's events.
I thought about cleaning it about 50x, but just sat and watched netflix.
someone tell me they are as lazy as me?
but folks, at 10pm I got up and cleaned.
you're welcome, mom.

#5. taylor and I got fitbit forces for christmas!
we love them. (more to come on those).
last night we were both trying to get our last couple hundred steps in, so we were walking in circles around our bedroom as we read our scriptures together.
we bumped into each other about five times.
it was the most ridiculous sight.

this week has been good to me.
complete with two mcflurrys on the books. ha!
and I'm getting spoiled with constant pictures of this precious new nephew.
life is good.


  1. I have the fitbit force too! I love it. The silent alarm is my favorite feature.

  2. Dude that soup business sounds like something that I would do hahahaha well at least you got to do some service right?

    1. hahaha I like your positivity!
      soup-service-at-your-service--for the next ten days. ha

  3. Lol. I have totally done that with soup! You can also freeze it if you have a ton left. And you are so not the only one to have lazy days. The other day I had plans to go to the gym, take Sydney to story time, then come home and work.... I stated in bed, took her to story time. Then came home and watched TV all day. Lol.

  4. Ok so your blog is adorable. I will now be following your blog religiously. No clue why I wasn't before!

  5. #4! YES! YES! That's me all the time. Oh, don't you know it. I'm doing that right now!