okay, guys. 
here's the deal.
I have a real #firstworld dilemma over here.
Tay and I have so many dreams and goals and bucket-list items.
and I am so torn sometimes when the best timing for all of these things are.

there are a few top places that we'd really like to travel to together:
new york
europe (just all of it, okay?)
canada (his mission)

and we sometimes talk about doing one (or two) of those this summer.
but then I always feel guilty.
because i think...wait. 
we're about six months (fingers crossed!) away from buying a house
(first time home owners, what's up!)
and we would like to place a very significant downpayment on our first home.
(we are very blessed to have taylor's business be so successful!)

so my question is this:
do we have fun in the moment?
or be responsible for our future?

here's my daily dilemma with myself:
live-in-the-moment-kelli: just drop the cash and create some memories! 
responsible-kelli (if there's such a thing): no. be responsible! save for those future kids!
live-in-the-moment-kelli: forget the little littles! have fun NOW! at least you'll have cool stories to tell them!
responsible-kelli: what's going to mean more? a financially stable and responsible situation--or a vacation that will only be a memory?

someone please tell me you have the same dilemmas.
I mean--even with little stuff. like eating out every meal three times a week.
Tay told me the other day, "Look, kel, I don't think we should feel guilty about eating out so much.  In fact, I think we should do it more. And here's why: when we have kids, eating out is going to be ten times harder and ten times more expensive!  Why not just take advantage now?  We probably waste more money with "attempted-cooking" (thanks, tay) and cooking meals that we can never finish between the two of us."
wait. that all makes sense. doesn't it?
but then I said, "okay. but when kids come, I'll need to cook. And...I should probably start practicing now. because we all know how GREAT at cooking I am..."

just wanna say--I cooked three meals this week.
Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday.
Check. Check. Check.
It's not even my new years resolution, but I feel like it should be. ha

so--give me some advice.
Do we live in the moment?
Or save every penny?

P.S. I am so excited it's already THURSDAY!
This first week back flew!
It's funny--I always dread going back after holidays, but then when the lesson starts and I start teaching, I think, "Why was I dreading this? My job rocks, and I love these kids so much!"
so grateful for incredible students.

AND grateful for a fun weekend in store.
we have stake conference this weekend and Elder Ballard is coming!
I'm convinced he's there to scout me out for general primary president.
HA totes kidding.

Well, my work day ends in five minutes (i love being a teacher. peacing out at 2:15 is awesome)...I'm excited to cuddle inside, make hot chocolate, watch the snow fall through the window, and wait for taylor to get home.
oh yeah...and make dinner too?


  1. Dear Kelli,

    These are my two cents, and of course, you can take them or leave them. I say live in the moment! Go travel! Eat out if you want! Create those memories! Because you know what? A memory isn't just a memory. It becomes a story that you can tell your kids or a moment to reminisce with your husband down the road. Not only that, it's an experience to share with others when they ask for your advice (like what I'm doing here now with you). I would give all the money in the world to make memories because if you only live once, then you want to make sure you l i v e.

    Europe. Please, please, please go! It's amazing. It's beautiful. The experience in itself is eye opening. The first time I went to Paris is one of the highlights of my life. The mueseums, gardens, food, drinks, oh gosh! If I died tomorrow I would be okay after the experience I had. Then going to London and seeing the other side, going to the Shakespeare Globe theater, and seeing the churches and cathedrals. It's all just breathtaking.

    Going out to dinner? Do it, go for it. Have you ever had a fine dining experience? DO IT! I never really understood what people meant when they said food is a sensory art. Now I do. Smell, taste, see the visual presentation, and then feel the flavor of it all coming together. It's a trancendental moment.

    Of course I'm not saying blow your money completely on stuff like that. But just as you plan and save for a house, perhaps you should plan and save for memories too.

    That is all.


  2. Just FYI, I can save you a couple {hundred} bucks by offering my sleeper sofa were you ever to make it to NYC, which I HIGHLY recommend you do as soon as possible ;) We'd love to have you!

    On another note, I say live it up before the kids start coming. Obviously be responsible, but not too responsible! Eat out, travel and see lots and lots of movies before you have to pay for date night + a babysitter. Now that's when you start breaking the bank!

  3. Oh my gosh. We are the same person! I feel the exact same way as you all the time!! But as I was reading this I thought how now is the time to live it up! To me it sounds like you two are good with your finances. So I'm sure that going on some fun trips and eating out (k seriously I hate to cook, and we always eat out too hahaha) you guys will be just fine! As long as you're smart about it, you should do fun things!!

  4. HAVE FUN IN THE MOMENT :) you only live once! but hey i am not married sooooo haha you might not want to listen to me! but vacations... always.

  5. I honestly believe you can do both. Mike and I are crazy at budgeting, and know exactly where every penny goes. We aren't taking out student loans, and instead save money each month to pay for school. We want a 20% down payment on a house, so we save each month. That's the "responsible" side of the budget. But... we've had some awesome vacations! (We know that once kiddos come along we may not have such opportunity!) We budget money for vacations too, usually the random income like gifts or me doing the ACT Prep Class/tutoring/whatever the heck happens. I think if you say "we want a downpayment of this amount" and then find out how much money you need to save each month to get there... put the other extra money towards Europe! Go play (and take pictures so I can pretend I went!)!