my husband is famous

kind of weird when i go to lds.org and see my husband's face.
he's famous! ha!

last year, he was asked to participate in creating videos for the new youth curriculum.
I kind of forgot about it, until I was on the website today and I saw a picture of his cute face.
it freaks me out a little every time.

they switch pictures out every month, but if you're on the website and see someone who looks surprisingly like taylor, then it's probably him ;)

you don't have to really watch these, but I thought I'd give some proof:
(plus, we'll always have these videos on the blog so our future kids can tease dad)
keep an eye out for his adorable half smile :)
(at 31 seconds in the first video..you know, if you reeallly are just dying to see the cutest smile around)

p.s. these videos were clearly before the "suit incident."
oh suit, how I miss you.


  1. Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster blog award...details are on my blog if you want to participate! cadyseiter.blogspot.com :)

    1. thanks, cady! i think i will! looks fun! ha

  2. Hi! I just found your blog and I just wanted to say I love it! Super cute and down to earth. Love it.

    Kelsey @ ijustliketheb.blogspot.com