Manifest Destiny: by the husband.

One of the things that first attracted me to Kelli was her raw determination. 

Don’t see it in this picture? Don’t let her fool you. When Kelli wants something, Kelli is going to get that something. Like I said, I love this quality about my wifey, yet occasionally I find myself on the wrong end of that tenacity.

I'm pretty sure she doesn't know she does it, but alas, she does. Kelli has the ability to expand her territory and displace native inhabitants like a colonial settler. 

Manifest Destiny is the tune that plays incessantly in her head while this image is the only thing in her minds eye. I think the woman came out of the womb crying, “Westward HO!”

Don’t believe me? Let me give you a few examples.

Exhibit A - The Bed

This is our bed (not really, but it will illustrate the point):
In theory we each have our own sides of the bed.

But....This is how kels feels our bed is divided.

It used to be really cute because she was like a little barnacle, attached to me with no hope of removing her. (Remember this fun post I wrote about this subject awhile ago?) But, now? Now, I have the same sliver of real estate, but she just drapes her legs over me. I have a sneaking suspicion this has nothing to do with affection, she just wants to take more room. WESTWARD HO!

Exhibit B

The Bathroom

This is our bathroom (for real this time):

This is how the bathroom is really divided.

Can you spot the one thing in this picture that is mine? Only the little toothbrush.

So here is the bathroom story. Once upon a time the bathroom was divided like this: I had the right side, she had the left.

Then I got sick of having her curling iron/flat iron/blow dryer all up in my grill every morning. So we switched. (the outlet was on my side of the counter)

Although, lets return to the picture above again. What did I get? No sides.

You may be thinking. “Well at least the poor guy has a drawer.” Right? Yeah, kind of. I do have a razor and toothpaste in there. The rest is full of her stuff.


The next time you underestimate this little dynamo be prepared to lose any control you thought you had.

But you know what? I sure do love my kels :)


  1. haha I love this so much. You guys are great!


  2. I love this quality about Kelli too. That young gal gets things done! All while being classy and fun. You guys are a great couple.

    1. ah, thanks brooke! so sweet of you to say!

  3. ohhhh husband. thank you for the SO very attractive picture of me. AND you know you love your snuggle buddy ;)

  4. I'm a new reader to your blog and can I just say that you have strengthened my faith that I will find someone that is perfect for me? You guys are so cute.

    1. ah thanks cady girl! you definitely will find him because you are straight adorable! love your blog! xoxo

  5. hahaha okay i literally can't stop laughing. this is hilarious.

    1. hahha thanks keen! i thought it was pretty funny too. he's a funny kid ;)