a weekend list

taylor and I had such a fun 3-day weekend!
it was relaxing, spontaneous, and (even) productive!

how about a "this-weekend-list?"
with some awesome-quality-i-phone-pictures-included?

#1. Taylor and I saw THREE (three!) movies this weekend!
We aren't super movie-goers--but I swear, whenever we decide to go to one, we end up at the theaters two more times the same weekend.
I think it's because we see all of the cool-hip movie posters of the other cool-hip movies we want to see. and when we go to one, we are reminded how fun going to a theater really is!

#2. I "accidentally" ran a half-marathon yesterday.
I was just planning to do an 8-miler, but when I hit the 8-miles, I felt unnaturally energetic, so i figured I'd round it off to 10. Then when I hit 10, I was still grooving to my music, and I figured, "why not just run an extra 3.1 and call it a half!?" But at 10.5miles, I really regretted that decision. haha. I HURT. As soon as I finished, I collapsed and swore at myself for making stupid, sporadic decisions.
But, I'm happy that I've still got it in me! I'm signing up for another official half in February--who's in!?

#3. 49ers vs. Seahawks.
My dearest 49er team didn't make it to the superbowl.
the worst part is that we lost to my LEAST favorite team--ugh.
We watched the game with my Utah sibs, and we practically cried during every play.
Both teams played pretty lousy--and in the end, Kap ruined it for us!
(still love you kap)
The worst part was that I made a bet with a student who is a die-hard seahawks fan--awesome.
(I'm showing him the light, don't you worry)
so classy, little richie. so classy.
needless to say, I'm rooting for the Broncos at the superbowl.
C'mon, Broncos!

#4. yum-yum and fun-fun
last night, taylor and I randomly decided to have a little date night.
some of our previous plans had fallen through, so we went to our favorite restaurant (PF changs) and then--guess what? Saw a movie. ha.
and my date is just so dang attractive--see?

#5. I spent a good portion of my holiday yesterday cleaning out the primary closet.
it was a DISASTER.
I finally had some time to spare, so I went at it.
And, I secretly enjoyed every minute.
I actually really enjoy decluttering and organizing things.
pretty sure NO ONE had cleaned it for at least 20 years.
There were old primary manuals in there that haven't been used since the 90s.
and stuff from ward christmas parties from the 90s. what! haha
Hopefully my excessive labeling of each shelf and box will spare someone from ever having to clean that closet out again.

#6. pretty grateful for life at the moment. :)
and, I love starting the week on a tuesday!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. You accidentally ran a half marathon?? hahaha you go girl! I can't even run down the block so kudos to you!

  2. DANG GIRL. i ran a 1/2 marathon once but i don't think i could ever accidentally do that hahaha... you motivate me!

    xx, keena

    1. haha! get jamie to run with you! she keeps saying she wants to go out, but has no one to go with! ha

  3. Replies
    1. shadow recruit, the book thief, and saving mr. banks! i loved the last two, but the first one was mediocre in my book :)

  4. Please come organize my life.

  5. Let's run a half together this summer! Unless you run it in less than 2 hours…then deals off.