SIX for Monday

Six Random thoughts for Monday.
How bout it?

#1. I always give out student surveys halfway through the year and at the end of the year.
the surveys basically ask things like "what you like/don't like" "what helps you learn best/least" "what can I do better as a teacher?" etc.
I always get a little nervous going through them--sometimes kids forget that teachers are people with feelings.  
Most of the time though, I enjoy reading them--students have great ideas on how to make things better, they write funny things, and also things that make me feel really good about how things are currently going.  
Anyways, I saw this one today, and I had to read it like five times to make sure I read it right:
^the question says: "what can I do better as a teacher to help students succeed?"
MORE homework? ha!
I've never heard that before!
I already give a fair amount, so I was super surprised by this response. haha
but alriiiighty--more homework it is, kiddos. ;)

#2. I found this treadmill routine on blogilates (LOVE blogilates by the way).
I tried it the other night, and now I'm recommending it to you.
It honestly was NOT as hard as I thought it would be!
But it did make me SOOO sweaty.
Like dripping buckets sweaty.
um, p.s. when it says "step off," I wouldn't recommend that, unless you are really confident in your skills.
I was so close to biffing it when I did that.
I just turned it down to walking speed instead.

#3. remember this post about how much I love Valentine's day?
I decided to have my classes decorate my classroom, so they could feel the love too!
Everyone cut out a heart and put a nice message on it.
It's lovely! ha

#4. My mom-in-law got THE cutest kitten last weekend.
I mean--just look how cute! 
his name? cato. good job, mom!
also--so sad: he had some weird disease and he was so sick for the first couple of days. 
we weren't sure if he was going to make it, but he pulled through--probably because he's a career. ha
AND the poor little guy had a scary day yesterday when he fell from the 2nd story balcony--a good 20 feet or so. we were all so scared!
and he LITERALLY scared the crap out of himself.
just laid there and pooed everywhere. haha!
he's had such a rough childhood.
all to make him stronger for the games.
(if you haven't read/seen hunger games, sorry for the puns ha)

#5. the other day, I was in the dressing room with my sister and when I put my shoe back on, I screamed.
she gave me a "what in the world is the matter with you" look.
then I pulled out this little thing that was stuck through my shoe.

p.s. it's a nail.

#6. Lately, I've been setting one big personal goal to work on. Once I feel like I've mastered it, I set a new one. Two months ago, I set a goal: laundry EVERY monday. Washing, drying, and FOLDING. No excuses. All done by MONDAY!
(I am the WORST at laundry. I hate it so much)
But what do you know?
When you don't procrastinate doing it for two weeks, you actually have clean underwear, there's room in the baskets for your dirty clothes (hence, no less clothes on the ground), it doesn't take 50 loads to do all of the laundry, and it doesn't take thirty days to fold those 50 loads!
(kidding about the underwear part. mostly..)
It's so much more enjoyable than it used to be!
Pretty proud that I've stuck with that goal.

Since I've 'mastered' laundry, I've been working on cooking.
Ready for this?
Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. Friday. Sunday. Monday.
Check. Check. Check. Check. Check. Check. Check.
And, I used more than one burner on half of those days. HA
I'm becoming a real wife, ladies and gents!
two high fives for the two years it took me to get there!

Happy Monday!


  1. oh my goodness i cant believe a student said MORE homework! haha! so funny. I really want to try your treadmill sheet! I get so bored on the treadmill I wonder if having a plan would help me feel more motivated! :) I love your blog its super cute! cant wait to read more!

  2. So I really love the idea of setting one big goal, and then another one once it's accomplished! I always seem to make more goals than is realistic. haha love love love your blog by the way!!

  3. That more homework thing really cracked me up. P.S. What do you cook???

  4. oh blogilates is crazy awesome!! I hate exercising, but I do like Cassey Ho!

  5. A nail?!?! LOLOL!!! That's insane! One time when I got back from a hike in Hawaii during a vacation and I was taking off my shoes and I saw a little somethin on the bottom and I tried to brush it off. But it wasn't brushing off. Cuz it was a two inch giant thorn! It was totally gruesome and crazy. But it didn't stab my foot, which can mostly be due to my thick soles tennishoes that were all the rage in the 90s. So thank you Spice Girls, thanks for making foam-platform shoes popular.

    1. You'll have to ignore my giant run-on sentence. I'm embarrassed...cuz you're a teacher and everything.