Finally Friday!

last night I got to go see taylor's new office space.
it's pretty snazzy.
and he's got a killer view of the mountains.
i'm so proud of this guy!
doing big things--like starting his own business.
such a little pro.

i also got to bring this cute guy some dinner while he worked late.
thanks for stopping to eat and chat with me, husband!
and I obviously had to take a picture, because that half-eaten fry-boat looks so yummy, right? ha
(p.s. does it take any other couple three hours to decide where to eat? we are both so indecisive--it's quite miserable.)

...and taylor has decided he wants to take cello lessons? I'm not sure if he's ever even touched a cello before. I guess it's only fair, since I'm taking piano lessons.

this friday has been complete with an awkward student "compliment"
and an awkward neighbor situation.

but in 10 minutes I'm peacing out of work to get an early start on my friday run, because tay and i are going to party-hardy tonight!
...aka finish watching Frozen and go to an elementary school play to watch my primary kiddos.
it's official. we are old married folk.


  1. We are insanely indecisive too. No worries, you are not alone!

  2. I love your blog

  3. Love your blog, you are too cute!
    What does your husband do for a living and how much does he make? Because if he's that successful I gotta jump on that bandwagon ;)