Bedtime Stories Part 1

So here I lie in the middle of my bed.

Sounds like the beginning of a poem, right? Wrong.  It is just the musings of a husband who has not spent a lot of time in the middle of the bed.  Why is this you may ask? That is because my beautiful wife has no concept of what it means to share a bed :).  

On the first night we shared our bed (now mind you this is not a little double we are talking about, this is a big giant king sized bed) we decided that I would take the right side, and she would take the left.  So we get in bed, we read scriptures, say our prayers, say goodnight and I rollover to fall asleep.  As I'm drifting away I feel this warm body hugging my back.  I think, "oh that's nice" turn to kiss her on the forehead, tell her I love her, and roll back over.  Only to find that she is still latched on to me. I roll back over to see this face.

Minus the food, of course, but the expression is spot on.

I believe it was at this point that I awoke to the realization that that little warm body was not going anywhere.  I have decided that really there is no reason we have a king sized bed, we occupy 2 1/2 feet of it on a good night. I had a friend email me this picture and I think it represents pretty well how our bed is divided. 

How she can sleep like that every night I cannot begin to understand.  Yet even more baffling is the fact  that this week, with my wife at Girls Camp, I am actually missing that warm body at my back.  


  1. haha! i laughed out loud at this one! Taylor, Devin and i have this exact situation happen everynight. glad to hear we are not alone!

  2. Haha Lexi...I laughed as well when I read it! Glad to hear that your sitch is the same! Hahaha...maybe its just husbands?