Dear Valentine's day--will you be my Valentine?

One of my very favorite holidays is just around the corner!
I loveee Valentine's Day!
And it has nothing to do about the loveyness or gushiness of the day
(although, I do love that part, too.)
I just love that the whole world is covered in pink and red!
and hearts, no less!

I think I may get more excited about decorating for Valentine's day than I do for Christmas.
Even though I have about 60% less decorations, and they are all 100% more ghetto.
But STILL--decorating for love!?
That's fun in my book.

I couldn't wait any longer to decorate--so yesterday I pulled out the few decorations we had and went to work!
Plus, January is miserable. I hate January. Always have. Always will.
I figured having Valentine's decorations up would make January a little more bearable!

Here's a little sneak peak of some of the little corners in our home!

 ^our love mailbox! filled with little love notes every day!^

it makes me giddy just being in our house all decorated for Valentine's Day,
PLUS, I love that Taylor and I have really special traditions that we created for this lovely holiday.
So excited to meet Valentine's day 2014!


  1. Just stumbled across your blog... super cute decor! And I hate January too... there's never anything exciting going on in January other than cold weather!