Confessional Friday--a link up!

Today, I am linking up with Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition for Confessional Friday!  
This Friday's post is a simple "getting to know you." 
I know I've had a few new followers lately, and it can sometimes be nice to get a simple refresher of who the person is behind the blog :) so...

Hi! I'm Kelli!
Married to my cutie husband, Taylor.  
I grew up in Sacramento, where two of my siblings and parents still live--and oh, how I miss that beautiful town! 
I married myself a Utahn just over two years ago.
We currently live in Utah (even though I promised myself I would be out by the time I graduated college--I'm slowly falling in love with this sneakily beautiful state, but shhh don't tell taylor)
I'm a high school history teacher--and I often blog about the times I mix up my words, the lessons teenagers teach me, or frustrating situations
Oh, and I spend my days taking selfies in my classroom.
okay...not really--but as I was looking through my photobooth, I had an embarrassing amount of images of me sitting at my desk. I promise I don't do this all day.
It gets pretty craycray over here on the blog when you hang out with a bunch of 16-year-olds all day.
(and apparently, I start to talk like them too. craycray? really? i'm embarrassed. ha)

I started blogging in 2012, a couple months after Taylor and I got married.
I mostly started the blog to keep my friends and family updated on our life happenings--but I have since discovered the beautiful blogging world, and I love the friendships I've made!

On this blog, I mostly share the many adventures that I get to take with the best travel buddy around:
(I also like to make videos of our adventures!)

Some other things you should know about me:
1. i'm obsessed with long eyelashes and high cheekbones.
2. i'm always on the hunt for the perfect chocolate-chip-cookie recipe
3. I have a slight running-addiction. My day is not complete without a good 5-8miler on the books.
4. I have a bucket-list item to get in a real fist-fight. because...wouldn't that be so cool?
5. I may teach high school--but I look like I'm in high school.
6. my husband is really tall. it's awesome.
7. I kinda suck at all of the "wifely-duties."  Luckily my husband high-fives me, even when I suck.
8. I can never keep my dresser drawers tidy.
9. I'm a sucker for all things summer.

aaand, last but not least:
10. this guy is the best friend a girl could have!

(read more about us here!)
Happy Friday!


  1. perfect timing! love this, and i have loved reading your blog! i'm so glad you commented on mine, so i could find yours! you are so cute and funny!

  2. Aww, adorable pictures! And nice selfies. :p
    I can't believe you can run that much a day! Props to you!
    If I were a teacher, I'd also blend in with the crowd. Hakuna matata, haha.


  3. LOVE your blog!! :) so glad I found you via Blonde Ambition.
    looking forward to following your little space now! Check mine out if you want.


  4. Hi Kelli! Nice to meet you! Fun fact - I wanted to name my daughter Kelli but towards the end of my pregnancy we changed our minds and went with Taylor! I hope you have a wonderful Superbowl weekend! Go Broncos!

  5. Sweet Kelli!! I am loving your "get to know you post" ... and can I just say that I am swooning over those red tights that you are wearing in the final picture?!! Love them!

    How you and your hubby have a fabulous weekend! :)

  6. Love this getting to know you! I need to do something like this as well! Hope yall have a fabulous weekend!!

  7. Hi Kelli!! This is the best post!! I was looking for your "little things" post, but read this first, and it was so fun!! I'm a high school teacher, too (special education & yearbook). I loved the selfies at your desk and talking like teenagers, I've totally done that ;) ~ I'm so happy to find your fun space here!! Thanks for stopping by Chaos & Coffee! Have a blessed and beautiful day!!

  8. You are adorable!! I love this post! I feel like we're friends... and I totally love to take awkward selfies and send them to my friend. It's kind of awkward/amazing. And you and your Hubs? BEYOND ADORABLE.

    1. ahh thanks, sara! that made my day! let's be best friends. right. now. :)

  9. utah is so beautiful, i can't wait to go back someday!

    1. it is pretty! but I would give anything to live where YOU are!!

  10. Thank you for finding me on the little things link up! I love this post! New to your blog so it was nice to find out some things about you!

  11. So Kelli, I can't find any way to contact you. I'd like to pose a proposition to you, but I'd like to email it to you instead of on a public forum. Ya feel me?