a reminder to my future self

this post is a reminder to my future self to never travel without taylor.
because I am possibly the most obsessed and clingy person in the world.
i am shamelessly addicted to my husband.

taylor is on a scout campout tonight and everything was fine and dandy while I was out running errands.
and I got so much done on a friday night!
jiffy lube
super sonic car wash
grocery shopping
+ mall shopping ;)

but then as soon as i got home and stopped moving...ugh cue incredibly pathetic sadness.
and so now i am making comfort food--chocolate chip cookies, reading my book, and trying to pretend like i'm not scared in our home all by myself, whilst also ignoring the fact that i don't get to go to sleep next to taylor tonight.
i am a mess.

once upon a time i went on a cruise without taylor. HA
and i missed him an incredible amount the entire time.
and every time i leave him for a vacation or whatever, i always think, "okay, well we aren't newlyweds anymore...I'm sure I won't miss him like I did last time..."

so dear future kelli:
you are an obsessive addicted mess.
don't willingly leave that boy ever.

hoping you all have someone to snuggle this friday night!
...because boo me. i don't.


  1. I totally understand you! I don't like when my husband has to go to training or something. I'm the girl that goes back to her parents during those times. haha Hopefully this time will pass fast for you!

  2. haha i know what you mean!! its ridiculous!!

  3. Oh that goodness. We are the same!! My hubs is the same!! He's been known to miss me if I talk long baths. I'm just glad I'm not the only one!!

  4. You and me both, girl. My boyfriend travels for work a lot and I feel like such a loser when I mope around the apartment by myself.

  5. wait... I'M THE SAME WAY! you should have told me! you could have third wheeled with us to the movies! or I could have ditched Mike for a night!! ;)

  6. That is so cute! I am the same way! Unfortunately with my husband in the military he leaves me more then I would like, I am still not thrilled when he leaves but I've had to suck it up a little bit.... Love hearing how much you guys love each other!

  7. The first time my husband had to leave on a business trip, I watched Tangled thinking it would make me happier/less scared of being in the apartment alone... I instead ended up crying through through every part for a different reason - sad, happy, romantic, cute, no reason etc. Pathetic to the max.

  8. girl I FEEL YA. i always think im so independent, but then my husband leaves and we get super busy...and then i'm all like 'wrong!' next time he's gone, hit me up! ice cream makes it better, i swear.