a graduation getaway!

this last weekend, this cute guy and I got to run away to park city!
(oh, and please excuse taylor's cute face burn in all of these pictures.  he smashed his face up last week at a trampoline house! hahah!)
one of taylor's clients paid for a whole weekend of fun for us!
we stayed in an INCREDIBLE hotel room.
I was giddy as soon as I saw it.
not only was it the largest hotel room we've ever stayed in, it had surround sound, two large flat-screen tvs, a heated/jetted tub, walk-in shower, a beautiful balcony, and just wow--I'm still drooling thinking about it.

When we arrived to check-in to the hotel, before we could even say anything, they asked, "Are you Taylor Gilbert?"
I'm still not sure how they knew who we were...but they handed us an envelope that was waiting at the front desk for us!
Along with sending us money for fun and a whole package of treats, another client of taylor's left a credit on our hotel room!
we debated whether we should get a couple massage or room service.
aaaand, once we saw the room service menu, we were sold.
say hello to our $40 dessert and our $80 breakfast!
sayyy whaaa!

and that food was dang good!

every time we go out of town, we try to remember to bring our HDMI/thunderbolt connector so that we can connect our mac's to the hotel tv.
you know, to watch a movie or netflix.
well, we forget the cord about 50% of the time.
we were really bummed that we forgot the cord this time, since we had redbox movies to watch.
so we decided to drive down to walmart and buy a cheap dvd player. ha!
wellll--turns out, that the hotel room had a dvd player the entire time!
I mean really--it's got two flat screen tvs in the same room, why wouldn't it have a dvd player?
I don't know if we were just giddy or on a sugar high from our $40 dessert, but we could not stop laughing when we found the dvd player in the hotel room.

the next day, we lounged around, explored parts of park city, and window-shopped.

Oh, and of course, I made taylor do a little photo-sesh with me on the balcony.
and look at this balcony view!

while out on a run, I accidentally stumbled upon a walking path with incredible views.
Really...can a run be more breathtaking than this?
I loved every second.

that night, we finally got around to seeing divergent.
and we were the only ones in the entire theater!
I tried to convince taylor to have a make-out session during the movie, but he was more interested in actually watching the movie. 
so much for thinking I'm a great kisser.
ha, kidding. but for real, that movie was incredible!
taylor had a great idea to walk to the theater, and one of the highlights of the whole trip was walking home at midnight, in a beautiful city, holding hands with my handsome guy!

we felt pretty spoiled all weekend long!
it was such a needed trip!
and now, I'm ready to finish this last month of teaching with a bang.

oh, and also.
the front desk called us to ask if we were "jumping."
I guess they got complaints?
oh, hi jillian michaels 30-day-shred.
why'd you have to go and get me in trouble?
at least I got to finish it before the call came in.
day 8! 22 to go...
join me, won't you?
I thought I was getting stronger, so when a student challenged me to an arm wrestling contest last Friday, I quickly agreed.
and then, I quickly lost.
but  yesterday, taylor complimented my arms after I asked him.
so that felt good.

May is treating us pretty dang good so far!


  1. This Midwest girl is always awed at mountains. How beautiful! And applause on ordering the dessert. I'm drooling a tad at work...

  2. Wow!!!! So jealousssssss. That is incredible someone paid for all that for you! What a great memory!

  3. "Taylor compliment my arms after I asked him." Haha, I don't know why, but I found that sooo funny! Glad you had a fun weekend!

  4. Amazing vacay!!!! What sweet clients you have!!

  5. walking home at midnight holding hands? dreeeeeamy. also i love that you wanted to make out in the empty theatre--i would have requested the same thing ;) laughed so hard at your complaints from the front desk--way to be faithful and do your workout in a hotel, girl! glad you two had a fun weekend, you guys are so cute! xoxo

  6. Oh my goodness how FUN! Sounds like an amazing weekend! :) And holy cow, who knew room service was so dang expensive! What does Taylor do for work? Like why are clients paying for awesomeness for the two of you? Haha :)


  7. I am so dang jealous...looks like I need to make friends with these clients of Taylors ;) bahah, and seriously? You two are adorable!! Sounds like an incredible weekend!!

  8. THIS LOOKS AMAZING! I wish my clients treated me this way! haha

  9. I am so behind and I just got caught up on your blog! You are the cutest! Sounds like you guys had a great weekend! Yay for graduation!

  10. i'll be jealous of this trip for the rest of my life! that is like a DREAM getaway!

  11. what gorgeous pictures of the two of you! Also such a smart idea to bring a cord like that! Totally doing that for the next time we travel!

  12. Hopefully the $40 dessert was well worth it. It sure looks tasty!