i confess

+i confess that i look really orange in the picture above? not sure what happened there.

+ i confess that on two separate occasions yesterday, taylor and I opened up a pack of oreos, poured some milk, and pounded those oreos. (proof from the picture)

+i also confess that we ate a whole pack of oreos yesterday...

+i confess that i currently have the ugliest chipped nail polish. and taylor tells me how much he hates it every day (one of his worst pet peeves)

+i confess that i laugh harder at my own jokes than anyone else does

+i confess that i am beyond excited that today is the last monday of the school year!

+i also confess that i am so sad for school to end. i love these kids and the chemistry that each class has created. it is always such a bittersweet feeling.

+i confess that for one of the first real times, i am struggling to get along with someone. and i don't know what to do about it.

+i confess that i was extremely distracted during church yesterday. and i tried really hard not to look at my phone every three seconds--but man, i was struggling. dreaming of those oreos...

+i confess that i slept in until 11:30am on saturday.

+i confess that i really hate all seafood. (and yesterday taylor ate 50 pieces of shrimp. i wanted to vomit.)

+i confess that i am watching way more netflix than i should be. and i really miss reading. but i've just got to finish this dumb show! and then i'm swearing off netflix.

+i confess that taylor snuggled up to me on saturday morning while i was asleep, and for the first time i can remember, i pushed him off (half-asleep). then i felt bad, but was too tired to do anything, and just fell back asleep.

+i confess that all of my laundry baskets are EMPTY right now! but when I told taylor yesterday, "the laundry is done!" he said, "have you folded any of the clothes?" and when I said, "no..." he said, "then, no, the laundry is not done. close, though." dang it.

+i confess that taylor ALWAYS beats me in our nightly board games. ugh.

+i confess that taylor and i are signing up for dreamdinners this week. no more cooking or grocery shopping? SIGN ME UP. and also. i have probably lost all respect from all of the awesome wives out there.

+i confess that i LOVE sleeping with the window open. but taylor hates it.  so in the middle of the night, i secretly open it. why am i so selfish? ha.

+i confess that while singing hymns in church yesterday, i used baby words the whole time to try to make taylor laugh while singing. he laughed...but i laughed harder. again with the whole thinking i'm really funny thing.

+i confess that i have a secret goal to get a six pack before i'm pregnant.  i've heard that if you have abs, you prevent a lot of problems, your belly is smaller, you have an easier time pushing, and you recover (weight wise!) faster! i'm believing webmd on this one.

+speaking of pregnancy...i confess that i am scared of falling into the "eating for two" trap.  i do not want eating more to be an excuse when i'm pregnant--i fear that pregnancy-weight-gain like you wouldn't believe!

+i confess that today is going to be an awesome day!


  1. seriously, these posts are the cutest!! I always say I'm going to do it but always forget!

  2. What is dreamdinners?! Sounds amazing if it means no grocery shopping or cooking! And good luck with the person you're struggling to get along with! I had that happen to me a few months ago, and I never did anything about it, but somehow, I think it fixed itself. We're getting along much better now! And now I want oreos, so thanks for that . . . ;)

  3. HAHA I love all of these. Now I want oreos.

  4. i totally fear pregnancy weight gain with you on that one... and i totally think the strong core thing is totally true. i'm with you on this one.

  5. My husband and I totally ate a pack of oreo's yesterday too. Glad to know we aren't the only ones out there!

  6. I totally thought you were going to say "speaking of pregnancy...I'M PREGNANT" ;) don't do that to me!!! & my confession? Caleb and I are kind of known to pound an entire box of Oreo's before one movie is over. Its bad...

  7. OKAY there are too many things to say. I also laugh way more at my own jokes than anybody else ha. It runs in the family? Also...what is dreamdinners?! And also. Let me know how the 6 pack abs works out for you when you get pregnant. Because if it works I'll do it before my next pregnancy haha.

  8. by the looks of this picture i'd say you don't have to worry about eating for two - you could eat for 5, honey, you'd still be tiny! also, what show have you been watching on netflix?! i'm almost done with my current one and need a good recommendation!!