oh, hi. remember me?

oh guess what?
i'm alive!
today marks day #5 of summer break.
and it's already going by way too fast!
this last week has been craaaazy! I seriously have been go-go-go 24/7, with a to-do list a million miles long.
I haven't had a single second yet to just SIT and think about the fact that I'm not working right now!
next week, while we lay on my sunny california beaches, I'll get a chance to soak it alllll in!

but, here's a recap of what's been happening the last few days:

+ I have to take my last praxis test on saturday (a test for teachers). and this one is extremely stupid. it's all about "teaching theories" and "hypothetical situations." I just finished taking a practice test and was baffled at some of the "right" answers. There are even questions on there about best practices for elementary classes, when the test is specifically for grades 7-12. dumb.

Let's play a game. Here's an example question--you tell me what the answer is:
"A high school class is holding a review for their upcoming history test. They have a large amount of information to cover in one class period.  How should their teacher respond to correct answers?"
a. Organize a mock "academic bowl" by grouping students into teams.  The teacher keeps track of correct answers and rewards the winning team with a sweet treat.
b. Follow the format of the test and guide students by indicating which responses are best suited for success on the test
c. Toss out a piece of candy to each student who provides a correct answer
d. Smile and verbally praise students when they provide correct answers

sooo...if you're like me, you chose B. But the correct answer? A! I thought for sure the "sweet treat" would make it an incorrect response.  But in the explanation, they wrote that "sweet treats can encourage motivation and make reviewing a bit more fun." I don't disagree with that--but I also remember a billion lectures in college about how bringing treats to a classroom is against health and safety codes... 

so basically, I'm really frustrated that I have to take a test this stupid. but tomorrow at 10am, I will be officially done with praxis tests! 

+ on monday night, tay and I hosted a bachelorette viewing party with a bunch of our favorite couples. and it was SO fun watching it with everyone and being entertained with sarcastic comments from the husbands. seriously, we are so blessed to have so many good friends and such a fun couple group! it's going to be a new monday night tradition!

+i have been nagging taylor for the past couple of weeks to throw away his oatmeal packets in the morning.  i always find them on the counter, and it drives me insane. true to taylor's character, he decided to take a different route than the one i asked: the past few days, he has left me little notes with the oatmeal packets--and i really just can't complain anymore about him leaving them out.  oh that boy...

+ can you believe that 2years and 8months later, taylor and I are STILL trying to use all of our wedding giftcards? it's insane. we got sooooo many restaurant giftcards--and trust me, they aren't still around for a lack of going out. we go out plenty. but we somehow always forget we have them...until we rediscover them again and it feels like we hit a mini jackpot. aka we just rediscovered our little "drug-wad" of wedding money+giftcards again and are recommitted to trying to use them all up! and luckily, this is my cute date every time:

+the coolest dad ever!
my dad is an EFY session director/teacher and we were lucky enough to have him out in utah at the beginning of this week! it was fun to see him each night and get some one-on-one time with my pops. doesn't happen super often being one of six kids, so I feel pretty lucky when it does. that guy is just the coolest 50-something year old around.

+i'm going to feel like a broken record with this one--but man am I obsessed with mine and taylor's nightly walks.  it's my new favorite tradition, and it is easily my favorite part of the day! especially when tay decides to go in his suit...

+YOU GUYS I officially finished Jillian Michael's 30-day shred on Monday! And I didn't miss a single day (except for sundays!).  I have a testimony of that little 20min workout DVD. I wish I was brave enough to post a before/after.  maybe I will? but I am definitely more toned all around! I coupled it with cardio of my own every day (just a little too addicted to my running to cut it out), but I saw some awesome results at the end of the 30 days! so go find the DVD on amazon and get your butt in shape! and remember my goal of getting a six pack? jillian helped! my abs are slowly coming out to play! my one motivation for abs is to prevent crazy pregnancy weight gain (in the far future of course)! ...you feel me on this one? my number one fear. i will not let pregnancy be an excuse to gain weight! i figure if I say that enough now, then maybe it will work when i'm pregnant? ugh guys. seriously. petrified.

+max texts with my three sisters are possibly one of my favorite things in the world.  it is just a constant conversation.  and anytime I leave my phone for more than ten minutes, I can guarantee to come back to 15+ new messages.  we talk about anything and everything, and it is so fun to be in constant communication with three of my favorite people. 

+oh hey! it is totally possible to have a spotless house when you are a stay-at-home wife! our house has not just been clean this week, but IMMACULATE. like, I actually have time to scrub the stove and clean out the fridge and clean those little pesky corners of the house. i kinda like this gig...

+okay, i know, i know, i brag about tayray just a little too much. but I am just so proud of him for making a little name for himself.  the past couple of weeks, he has had some pretty large companies seek HIM out for some really cool and exciting opportunities.  i'll share more when things are finalized--but man, he is one go-getter.

+and last but not least, we leave for california tomorrow! we aren't going to my dear sacramento (we will mainly be in southern california), but I am so excited to be back in my homestate! I love that little state like you wouldn't believe. and I think a week on the beach sounds incredible.  so if you don't hear from me--that's where i'll be.  but hopefully I can find some time to stop and blog a little here and there.  follow me on instagram for our latest adventures!

you're a trooper if you read this whole post!
thanks for letting me ramble!


  1. Nightly walks are my FAV! I just need to convince Caleb he needs to go out in a suit... hmmm ;) YAY for summer break...go you, you adorable stay at home wife!!! I cannot believe those silly tests you have to take...clearly you're an awesome teacher, you don't need some silly test to tell you that!!!


  2. My Hubs and I do the walk things too... and it's definitely one of my favorites. I love that you're done with stupid praxis! Have an amazing vacay and soak up some rays... you've definitely earned your downtime! ;)

  3. That test sounds ridiculous!!! Hopefully all the questions aren't like the one that you shared!!

  4. Sounds like your life is perfect right now! :) It's always good when there are so many fun and exciting things going on at once :) Have fun in California!

  5. OH MY GOSH THE OATMEAL PACKETS so cuuuuuuteee. I have similar peeves with my fiance haha. By the way that test is RIDICULOUS

  6. Ah I'm taking the Praxis in the fall for the first time... I'm scared! Like how the heck do you even study for that?! haha. Also, I just realized that you teach at Orem High School?! How fun! I live pretty close by there... and I had some friends that went there :)

    1. which praxis are you taking? this was my third one, and i've hated them all equally!!

    2. It will be my first one.... I have to take it before I student teach next winter. Ahh! I'm so nervous! Like, I don't even know what to expect or how to study haha.

    3. what is your major? which test is it?

  7. So nice to hear you're enjoying your break :) Hope you're having fun here in California. I'm totally familiar with Sacramento as I grew up near there. It's getting so crowded now all over the state but I can't imagine living anywhere else (I'll never say never, though...)

    P.S. Your husband sounds super sweet! What a great couple you two are :)