a grumpy weekend

the majority of my weekend was spent working on the mother's day film I shared in yesterday's post.
the audio on that was a nightmare!
and I was extremely stressed all weekend because of it.
aaand, friday night was one of those nights where I was just constantly snapping at taylor.
I was being irrational, stubborn, and grumpy.
that guy.
he deserves a gold medal sometimes...well, all the time.
but he is always so patient with me, and I love him dearly for that.

last night, while taylor was being his usual perfect, patient self
(had a little breakdown last night, too...it was just one of those weekends, you know?)
we randomly started looking through the photostream on his ipad.
it was so fun to see pictures from the last year.
and trying to remember where we were in some of them.
it made me realize, once again, how grateful I am for our little life.
we have so much fun together!
even when I'm being a "frownie-brownie," as taylor calls it.

here's a small collection of some of the photos I loved reminiscing over!
maybe the worst quality picture, but definitely the best quality mother.

^also, do you love my lens-cap-booty? see it? ;)^

seriously one of the best nights with regan.
UM, we saw michael buble.
it was a dream come true. 
and, I was really hoping I would get a chance to kiss him.
it didn't happen.

ohhh, halloween.
would it surprise you if I told you I have the next 5 years of halloween costumes planned? ha

we also got to hang out with one of our best couple friends on saturday night.
and that was SO fun.
and amidst my crazy mood swings this weekend, life is pretty great with that fireman pictures above. ;)


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm now following yours. You and your husband are the cutest couple!


  2. Seriously that's hilarious he calls you a "frownie brownie", we have this thing where we (and my SIL/BIL) call each other "foldie's", it's so ridiculous. Like "is your butt still foldy?!!" LOL kills me. These pictures are adorable.

    I'm definitely NOT judging you for planning Halloween costumes as I myself plan in advance ;)

  3. My hubby and I recently went through a bunch of old pictures, and it is so fun to look back and remember how much we have done and how blessed we really are! SO many great memories :) :)

  4. Oh my goodness I love you two... Especially that last picture!!!! :)

  5. okay, the 3rd picture down? of you sitting on his lap? FRAME THAT! so cute. sorry you had a rough weekend--i totally get the same way. and somehow we lucked out with husbands who deal with it. haha! we lucked out :)