must-read books link-up!

today's "my life in lists" link-up prompt is: list books you think your followers definitely should read.

I'm really excited about this one--because I loveee reading.
buuut, I haven't been reading as much as I used to (or like to) lately.
and I blame netflix.
oh, netflix. 
you have wasted so much of my life.
does anyone else have this problem?
taylor and I decided that we are canceling netflix 
(...as soon as I finish grey's anatomy).
we are going to use our time more productively!
and I'm really excited about that, because it means more reading!

So, here are some books you should definitely go and pick up!

1. unbroken.
probably my all-time favorite book.
it's incredible.
AND it's going to be released as a movie by the end of the year.
I am sooo excited!

2. Nothing to Envy.
because wow.
if you want your eyes opened, read this.

3. Harry Potter
I can't make a list like this and NOT include harry potter.
but you know, as soon as things start to get really popular, I jump off the train
(harry potter, hunger games, divergent, twilight)
I just can't stand the "fad."
and so I kind of banned harry potter for awhile.
then, at the beginning of this year, I decided to re-read the harry potter series.
and it was like a drug.
I couldn't stop.
Couldn't put it down.
and carried a freaking ten pound book around with me everywhere I went.
so, yes.
It was just as good as I remembered.
even better actually.

4. Fire of the Covenant.
if you're ready to smile one minute and then sob the next, this is the book for you!
and my copy is completely trashed from over-reading.
just so dang good.

5. Killing Lincoln
Love me some good history reads.
But the BEST is when they feel like a novel.
and this one is excellent.
you will be blown away!
(no pun intended)

6. Baseball's Great Experiment
say whhaaaa?
yes. a baseball book.
from a girl who doesn't even know how many innings there are in baseball.
I had to read it for a class in college--and I was fully prepared for it to be miserable.
and then.
it is SO good
you learn about jackie robinson, but it feels like a tragic novel the whole time.
Mine is highlighted with awesome quotes and dog-eared all over the place.
it's great.

okay--I really need some good reccomendations!
so everyone link up, and share!

and tomorrow, I'm so excited to blog about our stellar weekend in park city!
we had such a blast!

Happy Monday!!
It's your turn to link up below!
and you can link up ALL week!


  1. love a good book recommendation!! thanks for the heads up, going to read the baseball one next!

  2. I have totally added a few of those books to my list. I love to read, and really need to get back to doing it more frequently.

  3. Great List! I have never heard of Unbroken...definitely have to pick it up! And I totally have to read Killing Lincoln...everyone talks about it!!

  4. Oh I need to read some of these! I did read Killing Lincoln and it was fascinating!

  5. SOOO I missed this AGAIN today... next week... but I just finished reading Hope in the Unseen. YOU HAVE TO READ IT!!