my current happy list

do you like my little wispy bangs?
I grew them myself.

1. the weather!
may weather in utah is really bipolar.
but, for some weird reason, it makes me happy.
I love the sun dearly, but the rain makes me incredibly giddy.
so to get a mix of both?
it makes for a great month.

2. the cute mr.
he has been on this deep-cleaning spree lately.
and wow.
can a girl complain?
it has been so great.
way to go, tay!

3. nightly walks
taylor and I have started a new habit to take a walk every evening.
and it has easily become my favorite part of the day!
no distractions--just us with the world.
I love seeing new things with him.
plus, I've been hearing so many taylor-childhood stories the past few nights!

4. Chi Running
I've been reading an incredible book about the quasi-yoga-based style of running
it is so motivating, and it has totally changed the way I run.
plus, I've been learning how to minimize my intense shin-splint pain!
you can order the book here!

5. discovering that the elliptical is a healer
I haven't been very nice to my body lately--I've been clocking in the miles and desperately trying to ignore my shin splint pain.
finally, on tuesday, I grudgingly decided that I shouldn't keep running on the pain.
taylor suggested that I try the elliptical at the gym.
and I was shocked to learn that it actually stretched out my sore connective muscle tissue!
so I've been clocking in the cardio miles on the elliptical the past two days while simultaneously minimizing my pain!

6. our new budget.
taylor hates it.
but I find budgets liberating.

7. learning about investing
money intrigues me.
and the idea to use money to make money intrigues me even more.
I have been reading some great books and sources about investing.
and it's so fun!

8. listening to the ensign
I've been listening to the ensign in the car and while running lately, 
and I'm always shocked how much I enjoy it.
there are so many great articles!
and listening to it forces me to read every article, instead of just skimming through the ensign like I normally do.

9. these boys!
they surprised me today by stopping in to say hi!
they are my students from the school I taught at last year.
and man!
they are SO tall!!
and I love them both!

10. jillian michaels 30-day shred!
are you sick of me talking about this yet?
i do apologize--but man.
I really am enjoying it!
And I like to think that I'm getting more toned.
maybe I will be brave enough to post a before/after picture.
Today is day 10!

happy thursday!


  1. YOU WORK OUT SO MUCH. serious props girl. serious props.

  2. I need to start reading all these books you are mentioning! Investing intimidates me.. I'm glad you enjoy reading about it. Also, I went to school with Taylor's bro. Small world. Great post:)

  3. Daily walks are one of my favorite things too, just us and the dog. It's our time to talk and just relax with each other, and much more productive than sitting in front of the TV.

  4. you are so adorable. and yes, those boys are TALL!
    i went to a presentation by an ortho surgeon last night. she said you need to change up your running surfaces. good job on the elliptical. SHE ALSO SAID IF YOU GET SHIN SPLITS TO QUIT AND LET THEM HEAL.
    that's all. :)

  5. Thanks for stopping by sweets!! I love daily walks, but only in the Spring and when temps are at least in the 60's, we are actually about to head out for our afternoon walk now! The weather in MD isn't much different then yours, one day it can be 60 and the next day it's 90. I'm not even being sarcastic. It's pretty ridic..