clearing the brain

i can't seem to get my brain straight lately--there is so much going on lately.
so, instead of letting another MIA blog day go by, I decided to try to piece together all of the fifty million things that have been running through my head as of late.

okay, not officially.
but it's really starting to feel like it.
we even went and got our first shaved ice of the season--from the best shaved ice hut around.

taylor looked online to see if they were open for the season yet, and we were so excited that they were!
so we decided to walk to the one about a mile and a half from our house.
but when we got there?
there was no hut set up.
upon looking a little closer to the online details, we found out the one in provo was open, but not the one in orem.
so we walked all of the way back home to hop in the car and drive to provo.
there was no way we were missing out on that shaved ice!
but seriously.
they have the best shaved ice around.

and also.
summer time means i'm finally starting to get my california tan back!
hihihihi SUN!

AND we go to california in just two weeks!!

we have been having so much fun with all of our couple friends lately.
we are so blessed to have so many good friends.
friday nights + saturday nights are always full of good times.
and tonight, I am going with my dearest friend, kate, to get the first pedi of the season! 

AND one of my greatest friends, chelsey, moved back from new hampshire last week.
just babies in this picture.

...she might be the friend I almost got arrested with once?
ha. we die every time we reminisce about the time that the police yelled at us to get on the ground.
maybe i should tell that story at some point?
regardless, she's back and i'm happy!

thank you for coming back into my life.
and andi, i love you!
and YAY for viewing parties with lots of girls and husbands who pretend not to like it but secretly love watching every episode.

my padre made a new goal a couple of months ago to work out every single day.
no excuses!
he's three months strong, and that is so inspiring to me!
so I made a goal towards the end of april to do the same.
and I'm happy to report, I am on week 5 of not missing a SINGLE day.
cardio + jillian michaels.
and literally, just before I was about to post this, I got this text from my dad!
(I had texted him my part yesterday.
 oh and just ignore our little nicknames. very old inside joke. ha)
see? we motivate each other!

I'm usually great at getting in 4-5 days a week, but some days I'd just give in to the excuses.
but now, being five weeks in, I want to see how long I can take this!
and p.s. it is so hot when I run outside now. ugh
also, how did I just discover the free hydro massages at the gym yesterday?
i am doing this every day. for the rest of my life.

he is just awesome in all walks of life.

Tuesday was my last day of teaching.
The next four days are finals days.
(so we are done at 11:45 every day!)
and then friday is graduation!
so basically, I'm done.
it's summer.
andddd I love these kids and will miss them SO much.
but, man.
I'm excited for no work for three months. ha!

i have been a food junkie lately.
you know those days where you can just eat anything and everything and still want more?
that's me.
ice cream, cookie dough, candy--i am craving all of the foods that are going to kill me.
sooo maybe when three of my students bribed me with m&ms today to let them run to the store really quick, I agreed too quickly?
but--these little colored spheres are just so yummy.

and hey!
supppaa excited for memorial day weekend.
lots of friends, parties, and good times!


  1. where is this sno cone shack, i want it in my life! also, we are going on a few vacations over the next few weeks, but when we get back--we need to play! and possibly get ice cream/sno cones/in n out/all of the above.

  2. You look like Julianna Hough in that last picture -- freaking stunning. I am so excited for you to have a few months off, you deserve it!! :)

  3. I want a snow cone!!!!!! We don't have shaved ice anywhere near us. SAD. Happy almost summertime!!!!