one of those days.

yesterday was just one of those days.

the guest speaker I had scheduled to come into one of my classes canceled last minute.

I drove home during lunch so I could start our crockpot dinner, only to find out half way through mixing the ingredients that I was missing one crucial ingredient.
since I was on a time crunch, I didn't have time to do anything but huff and puff and throw my half-made dinner away.

then, when I got back to my classroom, I realized I had left my lunch at home.
(I had originally intended to eat it at home after preparing the dinner.)
wahoooo no lunch for me!

while on my run, my phone died.
no music.
no runkeeper.
I thought it was the cherry on the top of my bad day.
oh, but wait.
little did I know that in the next 30 seconds, I would accidentally drop my iphone during the run.
helloooo shattered iphone.
I was trying to unplug my headphones, but I pulled too hard, and my whole phone came tumbling down.
and the phone just magically fell out of its case during the fall.

then I wanted to call taylor and cry about my horrible day.
but, oh yeah.
my phone is not only broken, it's dead, too.

by the time I got home and finished my run, I decided I would make a really simple dinner:
german pancakes!
halfway through making it?
you got it.
I'm out of flour.
that was realllyyyy my last straw.
I threw the bowl into the sink, grabbed a box of chocolate teddy grahams, fell into the couch, and sat there and ate those teddy grahams with a pouty face the entire time.
oh, I should also mention that my jillian michaels DVD was paused on the tv, so I sat and told her how much I hated her while I stuffed those teddy grahams into my mouth.
so, I'm now the proud owner of a shattered iphone, 3 extra pounds (thank you, teddy grahams), and a broken bowl...that is still sitting in the sink.

luckily the end of the night got just a little better thanks to an evening walk with taylor, plus the swimsuit I had been waiting for came in the mail.

while laying in bed last night, I was complaining over my shattered iphone, and taylor said, "I cannot believe you broke two phones in four months. You're such a loser."
and for some reason, we just could not stop laughing.
yep, I'm a loser.

dear wednesday: please be good to me!


  1. Oh my goodness. I found your blog randomly and this post made my day despite how poopy yours was. Your writing is hilarious! Haha! Hopefully today is better. [:

  2. I'm sorry you had such a horrible day! But the image of you stuffing down teddy grams and telling Jillian what you really think just cracks me up!

    1. ha! at least it made someone laugh ;)

  3. ohhhhh no! when it rains, it pours. i feel you! i had a few days like that last month and it is the worth! it's like --- whyyy? glad your night ended better, and glad you guys can laugh about things-- that's the most important.
    here's to a happy wednesday! Xo

    1. isn't it so true!? and yes--laughing is seriously the most important thing! glad I have someone to share it with! xo

  4. Oh gosh that was definitely a rough day - bright side it can only get better!! I seriously hate when I think I bought everything for a meal and then don't have it - most annoying thing!

    1. so true! it is THE most annoying thing!

  5. Oh sweet lady, I'm so sorry you had a rough day. UGH! It's just the worst! but hey, at least the teddy grahams tasted good! xoxo

  6. kelli you manage be to be cute while explaining your bad day.

    1. to prove how uncute I really was that day--see picture of the teddy grahams covering my face ;) haha!

  7. This made me giggle. Not because it was bad for you, but because that's how I feel my whole week was last week! Hope your days get better for ya! And thank the heavens for teddy grahams.

    1. oh I'm so sorry you had a whole week like that! hopefully it's looking up this week! and yes--what would we do without that those tasty little teddies!? ha!

  8. Holy moly girl, that is QUITE the day. If I were you I'd have done the same thing, except ALSO brought a jar of marshmallow fluff with a spoon, a box of Oreo's AND a mountain dew ;)

  9. Goodness girlie!!! That is a day... Here's hoping the week finishes strong for you!!

  10. hahaha kelli!!!! this was super hilarious yet so sad at the same time. i hope your week got better! (also, you crack me up)

  11. hold up. you eat copious amounts of oreos and chocolate teddy grahams and gained three pounds and you still look like the picture from the most recent post? i guess that's proof that we are not all created equal.