high school-isms

high school kids.
they're a unique brand.
they laugh anytime you say "balls" 
they take constant selfies in class.
and then they get embarrassed when I call them out--but really, did you just not notice that you were in a room with 30 other people?

the other day, I was playing a youtube clip on my presentation.
just as I'm walking away from the computer, an add pops up on the video that says, "how large are your prostates?"
I ran back to the computer while saying, "please don't answer that! don't answer!"
and tried to click the little "x" as fast as I could.

I thought I'd share a little snippet of a note that I confiscated that was being passed between two girls.
talking about a special boy:
girl #1. "was he just being friendly to you? are you positive he was being flirty?"
girl #2: "no! not friendly! he was giving me his LOOK, like he wants to....I don't even know. like he wants to sweep me up and never let me go."
girl #1: "aw. so poetic. did it give you a rush?"
girl #2: "yes. he is way too important to me. too bad I'm taken."
ohhh high school love.
and high school triangles.

while in my world war 2 unit, I was teaching them about victory in Japan, commonly known as V-J day.
I can guarantee snickers every time with this one.
but, while reviewing V-J day, one particular student had a very untimely stutter, "Wait, what day was V-J-J day again?"
and then he turned bright red, put his head down, and muttered, "I did not mean to say that."
it was clear it was an accidental stutter, but man.
the poor kid.
the whole class was a laughing wreck after that.

earlier this week, I was showing a clip on history.com.
sometimes there are little 15 second commercials before the clips, which I normally just mute or let play.
well, on this particular day, I pushed play, the commercial started, and then I looked down at my seating chart.
I started hearing snickers, so I looked up and saw girls on the beach undressing into very scandalous bikinis!
oh history.com--you have failed me!
I rushed to turn off the projector--and then I just couldn't stop laughing.
oh, I am so sorry, dear high school boys.

the other day, as I passed out their cold war tests, I stupidly said,
"alright kiddies, here are your testies!"

but you know, I'm pretty grateful that they laugh at everything.
because they make me feel like I could be a very successful comedian.
the other day, I said, "the russians were rushin' in to korea."
get it? rushin...aka russian. ha
and they laughed their little heads off.
and I bowed.
and I'm still proud of that joke.
okay, I didn't bow.
but I am still proud...

oh, and my new favorite policy?
disabling cell phones.
texting doesn't bother me that much--unless it's CONSTANT.
and there are a few kids that just can't put their phone down.
and so, I've started to take their phones, and try to guess the passcode.
I'll keep guessing until it gives me the message, "phone disabled. try again in 30 minutes."
and then I just gently place the phone back on their desk with a little smile.

man, I could go on and on with these stories.
maybe I should start a weekly blog post with stories solely dedicated to high school-isms.
at least there is never a boring day with this job!

and HEY.
it's FRIDAY and it's MAY!
I am so excited for the weekend!
one of taylor's clients paid for a getaway for us in park city as a graduation gift for tay!
and the hotel is literally three times the size of our home.
we've got a presidential suite!
with all inclusive everything!
it's going to be pretty amazing.
stay posted for our fun weekend!
pretty excited for one last graduation celebration!
and to run away with this silly dreamboat of mine!
happy friday!


  1. oh these stories made me laugh! Disabling their cell phones is a genius idea. I enjoy reading your blog!

  2. Haha this is so funny :) Love your way of stopping the constant texting! :) Have so much fun in Park City!!


  3. these are hilarious. more, please!

  4. these stories are hysterical!!! Love them! You need to chronicle these... too good!!

  5. I definitely think you need to make this a weekly, or at least bi-weekly blog post topic...I am dying!! Ohh high school kids and their crazy love triangles ;) have fun this weekend!!!

  6. totally jealous of your mini-grad-vacay-trip... sweet clients!!! I LOVE THE DISABLING CELL PHONE IDEA!!! Genius!!!!!!!

  7. Totally jealous of your mini-grad-celebrate-vacay!!!! 100% jealous!! However... YOUR CELL PHONE DISABLE TRICK IS GENIUS!!!!!!!!! Absolute genius.

    One of my kids wanted to write that her favorite website was "spanishdict.com" on her Princeton app. I couldn't explain why she couldn't use the Spanish Dictionary website as her favorite.

  8. Can I just say how much I am LOVING your blog- you are hilarious and your daily adventures make me smile. I was going to tell you this via twitter but then I realized, oh you don't have twitter (you mean there are still people in this world who don't feel the need to share their every thought in 140 characters or less? I kid!)

    P.S. Love the outfit in that photo! And I hope you are having a fabulous time on your little getaway! :)

  9. Please do a series of high schoolisms! I laughed out loud on some of these! haha too funny!!!

  10. Please make this a series....dying.

  11. this made me giggle! so happy I stumbled across your blog!

    new folllower