three days, people!

on saturday morning, taylor and his dad forced me to go to the gym with them at 7:30 in the am. why would anyone choose to get up that early on saturday!?
but, then, wait. 
it was 10am, and I had finished working out, finished the laundry, ran to target, and still had the entire day!
it was magic. 
and suddenly. 
I was sold.
so on monday, a HOLIDAY, I woke up at 7am and went to the gym with them again. 
and mayyybe i took a two hour nap at 10am, but still!
 i had my to-do list done by 10am! 
i never knew this life existed.

but don't worry.
today I did not wake up early.
in fact, I slept through my first period prep, since it's the last week of school.
but I am possibly sold on this whole "wake up early during the summer" idea.
i mean, i have allll summer to do nothing but sit by a pool, right?

the rest of our weekend was filled with three canceled camping trips (ha!)
(we were supposed to go with my brother and friends but then taylor had a scout campout, so we had to cancel. then, very last minute, his scout campout got canceled, but everyone had already gone up the night before and we had given up our spots. but suddenly we were invited to go on another camping trip last minute, until it started pouring and then that seemed like a bad idea. sooo...canceled.)
but that's okay.
we snuggled up to a few movies.
talked about big plans.
went on long walks.
had BBQs.
ate yummy food.
saw good friends.
watched the bachelorette with two of our favorite people.
...our husbands like to pretend like they don't like the show.
but while me and emma were in the kitchen making cookies, we secretly watched as our husbands were both completely zoned into the show.
oh, and also.
taylor got peed on by their dog.
that was the best part of the night.

and also, i feel like we've been in this weird phase.
where big decisions are happening + fun things every night + always forgetting to take pictures + never being able to decide if we feel like grown ups or kids.

and in two weeks we will be in my homestate soaking in the california sun.
so life doesn't get much better.

and even though this was a pointless post with no pictures, forgive me.
because the only thing I care about is that there are three, THREE, more days of school!


  1. okay--i get insomnia sometimes & i'll just be like, 'forget it!' and get out of bed. and then i realize, freak! this is the greatest! i do yoga, write in my journal, clean the house, and then i still have the whole day! ps, next time you wake up early, go to provo city bakery and get a dozen donuts. all the good ones usually sell out by 11 or 12, and when they are fresh they are droooool worthy!

    1. ohhhh i definitely will get those donuts next time! thanks for the tip! we need to do a double soon!! and you need to post about your fun trip!

    2. jordan and i are out of town for the next couple of weekends, but when we get back--it's happening! also i just got done with whole 30 so i am SO DOWN for junk food. haha!

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  3. Haha can't convince my husband to watch the Bachelorette for anything! Oh, well. Any favorites yet? :)

    1. i kinda feel like andi has a weak pick of guys. do you agree? i of course love farmer chris, and eric (sadly), and josh...but I don't really know the other ones yet. OH and the cookie guy! he's one of my favorites. ha! who do you love!?

  4. Bring me your morning workout juju and your poolside plans for the summer and I'm SOLD... as in we are officially friends. Except no camping. I can't do camping.

    1. hahaha!! try it once..and you might be sold too! and poolside summer plans will always get me. i'm a summer junkie. ha