I am seriously sososososo HAPPY.

Here's the story:
Around hiring season (March of this year), I decided that I wanted to stay at Summit.
But as the school year ended, there were some things that were really frustrating me.
see here and here.
I started looking for jobs--but the hiring ship had sailed.
Nothing was open. Oh well...
I decided to suck it up, put a smile on my face, and make next year better than the last.
A couple of weeks ago, I randomly decided to look at job openings.
And what do you know?
There was an opening at Orem High School (3 minutes from my house!).
I couldn't believe the luck--or inspiration.
I decided to walk into Orem the next morning with my resume in hand.
I crossed my fingers that there would be someone at the school to give my resume to (keep in mind, it's the middle of summer).
The first person I ran into was one of the vice principals--and he told me he would be the vice principal hiring for the position.
Lucky? Meant to be? Miracle? 
Who knows.
But I got an interview.
And then a second interview.
And then...after a long few days of silence...
I got the job!!
I am SO happy!

I was so sure I didn't get it.
Especially after I saw more experienced teachers who were also interviewing for the position.
And then double especially when they told me they had over 100 applicants.
I even made a list of "15 reasons why I'm excited to stay at Summit" to make myself feel better about not getting the job.

Here's the top five from that list:
1. Some of my coworkers are my dearest dearest friends.
2. I absolutely adore my students.
3. I had the cutest TA last year who agreed to TA for me again this next year.
4. Small class sizes
5. I won't have to rehang this beast of a map.

Saying I was shocked when they called me to offer me the position is a complete understatement.
Everything worked out so perfectly--it was seriously miracle after miracle.
While I am SO incredibly sad to be leaving my wonderful friends at Summit, I know this is where I'm supposed to be.
And...pretty dang excited to get away from some of the frustrations I had.

I will tell you that it breaks my heart to leave my students--and without even a real goodbye.
I love my students so much--and I pray for their success in their future endeavors.
I hope I run into them here and there.
Ah, shucks---I'm teary.

BUT, despite that:
I am just bursting with excitement, I tell you.

Give me a high five or a pat on the back or something! C'mon!


  1. Giving you a high five from San Diego! Congratulations, Kelli!!!

  2. Ah! This is the best. I can't help but just smile reading through it all! You deserve it more than anyone. And... let me know when to help you hang up that beast of a map. :)