We created the world.

Blog posts are way behind.
I have been SO busy with the start of school.
I didn't quite realize how crazy everything would be.

All last week, I was at orientation for teaching.
I learned a lot.
And found out a lot of things I had to do that I didn't think about.
Which added to the stress load.
But...I made it through the week.

Today was the first day of school for the students.
Man. I have lots of stories about that.
But, that will come in the next post.
This post is dedicated to something a little different:
our Friday night beast.

So. I bought a huge map mural to put in my classroom.
It's 9ft by 13ft!
(it's awesome! you can even write with whiteboard markers on it!)
I asked Taylor if he would come down to my school on Friday to help me put it up.
Of course, he agreed.
I thought it would take us mayyybe 45 minutes, and then we could enjoy a nice date night together in Salt Lake City.
I was so wrong.

We started at 3:30, and didn't leave until 8:30.
It was an absolute nightmare!
What I didn't realize:
This map came in eight different panels.
We had to make a paste for the map.
We had to wait 10 minutes after pasting each panel to hang it on the wall.
(and we couldn't paste ahead...because each one could only be sitting for 10 minutes before it was hung on the wall...and hanging each panel took a good 20 minutes for each one).

Meet the beast:
All the panels lined up.

You had to match up each panel EXACTLY.  And that was unbelievably hard to do. Matching up city names and latitude/longitude lines was near impossible.
Hence: Birmingham is now Birminam. Hawaiian Islands is now Hawn slds. Mexico is now Mxxico.
It's confusing. But take my word for it.
You can only see the mistakes from up close. And only if I point them out. But still.
OCD Kelli and OCD Taylor were having a hayday over it all.

(oh, and let's just say Project Kelli and Project Taylor sometimes don't get along very well.  We have very different ideas of how to do things like this, and we are both perfectionists....so...you can imagine the funny squabbles. ;))

Anyyyways. Putting together this map turned into our Friday night "date."
We did treat ourselves to some fabulous wings after. Which were so YUM.

I really have a love/hate relationship with this map.
At least the students think it's cool.

By ends night, we decided we actually felt accomplished.
I mean...
In just five hours!

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