I am so overwhelmed with happiness right now, I could cry.
I went to a department meeting at my NEW SCHOOL and it was sooo awesome.
A+++++ for Orem High.

Okay, here are all of the things I loved from today:

1. the department ACTUALLY collaborates.  Not lame collaboration. They do awesome stuff and have super creative ideas. PLUS, I got to contribute a lot, and they were really impressed with some of my ideas!

2. There are four of us in the department--and before I came, it was all males.  So they called themselves the "band of brothers." They realized today they had to change their name--whoops, sorry boys.

3. My department head showed me the SUPPLY ROOM today. I almost fainted. But instead I just cried. It was pure beauty.  Paper clips, white board markers, sticky notes, pens, binders, colored paper--everything my little teacher heart could imagine was in that closet.  And then the sweet front desk attendant said to me, "If there's ever something you're looking for that's not in the closet, just let me know and I'll order it up for you." Whhaaa?? You mean I don't have to buy my own supplies? I LOVE PUBLIC SCHOOLS! My jaw was literally to the floor. I went back and stood in there for another five minutes and looked through everything. I was almost too afraid to touch anything--it was all just too good to be true!

4. Even with a supply closet, I still get a teacher supply stipend.  Which means I can actually spend it on stuff to improve the classroom--instead of wasting it all on whiteboard markers. (have you seen how expensive those things are!?)

5. I got to see my new classroom! Woweee! Shelves and cabinets line a WHOLE wall! And did I mention the room is giant? 

6. I noticed there weren't any filing cabinets in my classroom.  I asked my department head if I should go and buy some and he laughed at me. Then he patted me on the head and said, "Oh sweetie, you don't have to buy anything.  Just ask and we'll find whatever you need." Okay--he didn't really call me sweetie or pat me on the head--but I'm pretty sure I had the "five year old in a candy shop" smile.



  1. YAYYY this post makes me happy! And do you have a WINDOW in your classroom?! So excited for you and your new school & school year!

  2. OH. MY. COW. I'm so happy for you! :) That "supply room" of which you speak sounds like...umm...heaven. No joke. I want to see your room!

  3. Sounds like you've arrived!

  4. You're making me so jealous, Kelli! I may have to stop reading your blog just so that I can try to enjoy this next year at my non-public school. ;)