A rant. --edited

Okay...so if you read my blog before 6pm yesterday, you read the pre-edited version of this post.
After contemplating on what I had originally written, I decided it would be in my best interest to edit the post.
I went into quite a bit of detail--and, let's face it, I want to keep my job ;)
So, here is the edited (and much shorter!) version.

It is 12:15.
And today has been just one thing after the other.
Every time something happens, I think, "Well, it can only get better, right?"

This was my day:
Woke up late.
(forgot to set my alarm)
Hurried to get to school.
Staff meeting that I wasn't happy with.

I have prep 1st period.
Another teacher asked if I would copy some things for her during my prep.
I had a lot to get done, but I figured I would be nice and do it.
But there were copy problems (not her fault--just the copy machine)--so it took almost half of my prep to make those copies for her.

Then, during the other half of my prep--the internet goes down.
Great. I desperately needed the internet during my prep.
Oh, and my whole WW2 lesson is an interactive lesson today--with internet.
I worked SO hard on this lesson.
SO many hours.
I was so frustrated that this lesson wouldn't work for today.
I did the best I could to stall for time while the internet was being fixed.
It did finally get back up, thank goodness.

It probably doesn't help that I'm extremely tired.
I've been worried about how Taylor has been sleeping.
(oh, p.s. he had minor surgery yesterday)

I decided I would go and get a soda from the teachers lounge to lift my mood.
I rarely drink soda--but I figured it was well deserved.
Sold out.
Dr. pepper.
Sold out.
Sold out.
Diet Coke.

But what do you know?
I open it and take a sip.
The expiration date was December 2012.

What are you going to throw at me next, world!?

Here's to better days ahead.

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