cross your fingers

I spent my day helping one of my very dearest friends paint her house.
It's going to be a week-long project.
But we are having SO much fun!
I love her to pieces.

Also. Cross your fingers for me!
I can't really give details--but something potentially AWESOME may be in my near future.
Details in the next week.

Also #2. My new favorite holiday is THIS WEEK.
I say new, because the Gilberts do the 4th BIG. It's so fun!

Also #3--tomorrow is Taylor's last day at doTERRA.
He is starting his own business, and it is already a success!
We are so happy.
We've always had a bucket list item to move to the East Coast just for a year or so.
And our real dream was to be able to go (without worrying about jobs) so we can spend our time exploring and enjoying life.
It looks like this time next year we might be doing just that.
How awesome would that be!?
Like...we are seriously just picking up and leaving.
And spending a year just LIVING LIFE.
We will both be graduated--and we decided that even though we will have degrees, we will just HAVE FUN.
Is this awesome, or what?
Let's hope it all works out.
So far...it's looking like it's going to work out just splendidly. ;)

BUCKET LIST ITEMS TO CHECK OFF (upon actually doing this):
Be spontaneous
Move to the East Coast
Do it all with the one I love


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