Friday night

Taylor didn't get off of work until 8pm on Friday night...bummer.
He's been fighting a summer cold, so we decided to have a fun night in.
Taylor dropped by Noodles and Co. (my new favorite place) and picked us up some dinner.
And we got to enjoy the noodles while watching Friends (of course).
I've finally got Taylor semi-hooked.
We started with season 1 at the beginning of the summer.  
Taylor says that now that he understands all of the jokes, it's a lot funnier.
I seriously do jumps of joy whenever he really laughs at a joke.
It's the best thing ever.  haha
The noodles don't even look appetizing in this picture...but I promise they are ;)

Oh, and can I say how much I love our texting conversations?
 I have way too much fun with this boy.

p.s. my new nickname for Taylor is rolyat (taylor backwards).
Which has started to turn into Rollie. ha!

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