you've been warned.

do not, I repeat, do NOT read this post if you're easily addicted to cute, trendy things that you can buy totally discounted.
because, even with discounted items, you will end up spending over $300.
which may or may not have happened to me in the last two weeks....
(doesn't it just make you feel good to buy an item when it says its 70% off?)

Okay, I seriously have a problem.
I discovered veryjane a couple of weeks ago.
and I am sooo addicted.
I have bought so many cute belts, bracelets, necklaces, home decor, party decor (I should probably stop naming things, because Taylor reads this blog too ;)).

Some days I'll get on, and feel totally satisfied because nothing called my name, and I was able to leave the website with an empty shopping cart.

But then other days---ugh.
Like today.
Don't even ask.
I'm not allowed to look anymore.

Ready to be addicted?
Take a look.

Also, Regan (Taylor's sister) finally got home from Bolivia! 
She's my very favorite and I missed her so much!
We're kinda spoiled getting to live across the street from each other ;)
check out this sweet bracelet she got me in Bolivia!
I'm in love!

p.s. the real reason why I am blogging right now is because I am totally procrastinating folding a basket of clothes sitting next to me.

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