this week.

I am stuck at a conference this week.
Here's the best part (not):
It's a 90 minute drive for me to get here.
And I have to be here at 7:30am until 4pm.
Can you say yuck?
It makes me rethink the whole "wanting to teach AP" thing.

This morning I almost fell asleep on the way here.
It's early..and I was SO bored 45 minutes into the drive.
I called my sweet older sister and told her she had to keep me awake.
Thank goodness that Kansas is an hour ahead of me, so I didn't have to wake her up. ;)

Thank goodness for this baby (aka the Dr. Pepper)

And...you know, also for internet access.
Hi veryjane.
Goodbye money.

(jk, taylor)

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  1. thank you for telling me about veryjane! and getting me addicted haha