1. Apparently, I stink at blogging in the summer.  It's a lot harder when I don't have a regular routine!

2. One of our dearest neighbors had their 6th baby! Can I tell you how obsessed I am with little Micah? Must admit--it's making me and Taylor baby hungry! But I think we might wait awhile on one of those--I didn't do THIS for nothing.

3. We are a weird couple.

4. I moved out all of the things in my classroom at Summit.  Big thank you to my sweet friend Alyssa who joined me. Peace out, Summit!

5. We are currently obsessed with the game Canasta.  We play at least a few times a week with our dear family friends--Tony and Allie.  We love that family.  Oh, and we always play boys vs. girls.  And the girls kick butt!

6. I gripe about living in Utah a lot.  But there are some things that you just don't get anywhere else.  Okay--maybe not anywhere else (considering I've only lived in two states), but there are definitely differences from California.  One thing I love about summers in Utah is neighbor-fun.  Whenever neighbors are outside, another neighbor always stops to talk.  And that turns into more people stopping--and before you know it, the whole street is outside on someone's lawn.  The kids are playing, the adults are talking (still not sure which category I fit into yet...)--it really is a good feeling.

7. Sometimes Taylor will come home for a quick minute in the middle of the day.  With his new business, he's been on the phone a lot during these "quick minutes."  I just follow him around and snap pictures of him on my phone.  Not really sure why....ha. But it's funny to watch him be serious while trying not laugh.  Then, he'll silently kiss me on the lips, wave, and leave with the paparazzi (me, of course) following behind.

8. We've had some AWESOME summer thunder storms! Another plus about Utah.  Whenever the thunder starts, I bolt to the porch to get a good view.  Taylor is nice enough to sit out and watch the storms with me.  It's always some of the greatest moments.

9. Boating, we love you!

10. My sweet man got me beautiful flowers when I returned home from girls camp last Friday night.  They are beautiful!

oh, and notice the artwork behind it?  Taylor and I officially bought our first piece of original artwork. From the one and only Allie Anderson.  We are in love.

11. WE LEAVE FOR LAKE POWELL ON MONDAY! Our very favorite vacation! Living on a houseboat for a weeeeek! beauty, sun, lovely! see our trip from last year here.

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