I have always been intrigued with politics.
It's a natural love.

Until...I became a teacher.
Teacher politics are possibly my least favorite thing in the whole world.
They make me frustrated, shout vulgarities inside my little head, feel sick, rant, cry, and everything else.

Thank goodness for good coworkers.
Who understand my pain.
Who vent with me for hours 
(mind you, a good portion of this venting is while we do Insanity together after school).
We lock ourselves in a classroom.
Pull down the blinds.
Turn off the lights.
And sweat, cry, and scream over our weak bodies bursting with pain.
Then we sweat, cry, and scream over all of the things that upset us.
students, teachers, politics, tests, parents, administration.

Sometimes, I just want to be a TEACHER.
And put all of my effort into being a GOOD one.
I want to do what I believe in.
Not what my "contract" says I have to do.
(silly things that prevent me from being the teacher I want to be)

I will spare you from details.
To save my own butt.
And to save you from boredom.

But if you see me today,
and you are a breathing being,
I will most probably vent to you.
It's bursting inside of me.

THANK GOODNESS break is in just three short days.
I can make it, right?

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