what our kids will know.

Taylor and I talk about our future children all of the time.
Thanks to his English major and my history & political science major, I've recently realized that our children will probably have a smatter of odd knowledge.
Taylor and I both talk about things we want our children to know.

Taylor wants to:
-have them memorize classic poems if they want something special (extra money, new clothes, etc)
-read classic novels with him (I think he wants his own little discussion group and book club...ha)
-have them write an essay a month about their thoughts and ideas on a particular topic
-make them answer daily trivia 

I want to:
-tell them bedtime stories--about Napoleon, Louis XVI, Andrew Jackson, the Vietnam war Nixon, world wars, etc.
-make them memorize U.S. presidents
-have them watch the history channel with me
-have them memorize parts of the Declaration of Independence or Constitution
-quiz them on geography if they want an extra scoop of ice cream or a candy bar at the grocery store

And on top of all of that, we hope to have their first language be ASL.
So...it looks like our kids will have to do lots of memorizing...ha.
I'll probably be a softie and give them the extra scoop of ice cream anyways.
But knowing Taylor--he'll sit with those littles until they memorize all of Dickens.

Oh geesh--these poor kids.
Who knows if it will actually all end up happening, but it still makes me laugh when I think about it.
Look out future littles: you're going to be memorizing machines!

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