Little hands

Last night, Tay and I went to a Deaf film festival for a k-8 school.
It was possibly the cutest thing in the world.
Little kids signing with little fingers--oh my goodness, melt my heart!
Taylor and I are determined to teach our kids ASL.
I already know that I'm going to be the biggest push-over when our littles ask me for something with their tiny signing hands.
Case in point: a little boy asked us last night (in sign, of course) if we wanted to buy any popcorn.
We had literally just eaten 5 minutes before, but I could NOT say no.
Then he struck up a conversation about zombies with me.
I was dying. Cutest kid in the world!

This is the only picture I have of the night...but what's a blog post without a picture, right? ;)
We just enjoyed every minute.
I love that we share the love of this language.


  1. you know sign language? me too. i love when little kids do it. they look so cute

    1. ah! how fun! yes, isn't it adorable!?